A deep and meaningful tale!

My first visit to the Ragtag Daily Prompt where today’s word is Deep.




Crouching in a deep hollow, they had a perfect view of the field.  The atmosphere was tense, their nerves on edge.  An arsenal of weapons was close to hand. After days of preparation, they were ready for anything.  Breathe deeply lads, breathe deeply.

The attack came suddenly. The enemy charged forward, bombarding them with missiles. A shower of soggy sprouts was followed by a riot of rotten cabbage cannonballs.

They retaliated with a cascade of stale cupcakes and a barrage of mouldy bread rolls. The food fight was in full flow.

Twenty minutes later, ankle-deep in rotten food and their energy sapped, they emerged from the ditch defeated, hands held high. The loser’s punishment was to clean up the battlefield and return the spent ammunition to the garbage bins behind the supermarket from whence it came.




20 thoughts on “A deep and meaningful tale!

  1. Christine Goodnough Nov 7, 2019 / 15:19

    I agree: very imaginative tale. And great fun for the participants…initially. However, I don’t think the fellows will choose this ammo very often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 7, 2019 / 16:28

      I wouldn’t mind a go, just once! Btw, I came across RDP when I was looking through your blog this morning, and here I am!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ron. Nov 7, 2019 / 19:13

    Ha! Nifty little tale. Welcome aboard!


  3. Erin Cucino Jan 27, 2020 / 16:43

    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!


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