Words on a Wednesday…

for Friday Fictioneers


Friday, his favourite evening.  Take-away curry, and a tv movie.  He rushed through the door.  ‘Honey, I’m home’  he yelled in his jokey American accent!

But something wasn’t right.  There was an eerie silence but for the drip drip dripping of a tap.  Their cat wandered toward him and with a mournful meow began weaving between his feet.

The sink was piled with unwashed dishes.  In the bedroom, empty drawers lay open, the bed unmade.  In the lounge, their wedding photo lay on the floor, glass smashed.

They’d argued over breakfast.  A petty quarrel.  It was nothing really.  Was it? 

So why? 




ronda-del-boccio-sinkThanks to Rochelle for hosting and Ronda Del Boccio for the picture.

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68 thoughts on “Words on a Wednesday…

  1. rochellewisoff Nov 6, 2019 / 13:18

    Dear Keith,

    You have me wondering what her side of the story might be. It sounds a bit more than petty. Jokey American accent, eh? Wonder how it compares to me jokey Cockney one. 😉 Well told.



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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 6, 2019 / 17:08

      They were clearly on different wavelengths which is not a recipe for a successful partnership. Thanks, Anita.


  2. Christine Goodnough Nov 6, 2019 / 15:46

    That volcano’s been bubbling away for a long time, methinks.

    We Canadians are lucky: no one can wise crack about our accent because we don’t have one. 🙂

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  3. Dale Nov 6, 2019 / 16:12

    Unless you come from certain areas 😉 Newfinese, anyone?

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  4. Dale Nov 6, 2019 / 16:12

    Once again he is out of the loop… she probably warned him many a time…

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  5. Na'ama Yehuda Nov 6, 2019 / 17:23

    Poor kitty and poor froggy! (as for the character — seems he’s misread some of the trouble that’s been brewing … whether he’s to blame or she’s too impulsive or or or … I bet there were some flags before, that he’d chosen to ignore …) (sorry for the rhyme, it’s just like that some of the time … ;))

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  6. Iain Kelly Nov 6, 2019 / 18:56

    What a disappointment for a Friday evening! I wonder if she has another reason to leave, perhaps a certain other…!

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  7. msjadeli Nov 6, 2019 / 20:23

    I really like the way you set the scene, then the cat swirling around transitions to his discovery. Your icons this week are adorable!

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  8. Tannille Nov 7, 2019 / 06:23

    At least the cat missed him…
    Rather intriguing – did she leave or was she taken?

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  9. Sandra Nov 7, 2019 / 08:46

    I think he may not have picked up on some signals along the way. Good one.

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  10. granonine Nov 7, 2019 / 12:37

    Apparently it was bigger than he knew. I’m guessing it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the end of a long line of ongoing disagreements. Maybe she tried to tell him, but he joked and laughed and didn’t pay attention? Maybe he simply wasn’t listening?

    I hope there’s a possible reconciliation, but it sounds to me as if there are fences to mend. Well drawn, Keith.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 7, 2019 / 12:54

      A combination of both those thing I think Linda. He simply didn’t see the signs. Thank so much for your considered comment .

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  11. Denise Hammond Nov 7, 2019 / 13:19

    We all have accents, don’t we? My Minnesota friend jokes about my Michigan accent. Really? He should hear my Canadian cousins! Oi!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 7, 2019 / 13:24

      I have cousins brought up in Canada, the US and Holland, so I know all about accents! Being from the South of England I like to think of mine as Queen’s English!


  12. plaridel Nov 7, 2019 / 17:56

    he’s left to clean the mess (metaphorically speaking). hopefully, she’ll come back when everything is sorted out. 🙂

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  13. Natasha Nov 8, 2019 / 06:37

    I love how you set the tone, before dropping the bomb.

    I’m hoping that she’s just taken off to her Mum’s and will be back once she’s let go off those stowed emotions.

    After all, “Hope is the beginning”. 🙂

    What say Keith?

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 8, 2019 / 10:03

      I’d like to think you are right, nut I’m not sure. There’s clearly been a breakdown in communication over a long time. Will she go back? I really don’t know.

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  14. James McEwan Nov 8, 2019 / 14:32

    Oh dear. a petty quarrel indeed. Perhaps it was the 100 petty arguments that went on before or else she just doesn’t like doing dishes.
    This is one of those stories that has a hundred reasons lurking in the background that the reader knows about – why doesn’t our character?

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  15. Nobbinmaug Nov 8, 2019 / 22:45

    Those little arguments can add up.

    I’m glad people in other places do jokey American accents. We do it for everybody else’s accents.

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  16. Brenda's Thoughts Nov 9, 2019 / 00:19

    Oh no, not what he expected. I think he wasn’t tuned in and missed something important. So sad. Nicely written!

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  17. liz young Nov 9, 2019 / 17:18

    ‘Hi honey, I’m hoooom!’ If I heard that every evening I’d probably leave too!

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  18. Sascha Darlington Nov 11, 2019 / 21:17

    I think all of the things that he managed to sweep away probably were her final straw. Well done, Keith!

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