One hundred and ninety-nine words…

for Sunday Photo Fiction




Sunflowers talk to each other. Don’t laugh, they do!   I was passing Mollie and Mickey’s garden yesterday and overheard a conversation.


“How did you sleep last night?” asked the one on the left. 

“Not bad,” said the one on the right. “At least it didn’t rain”.

I pinched myself thinking I may be asleep and dreaming, but no, it carried on.

“How did you end up here?”

“My mother grew up here and dropped my seed before she got composted.  You?”

“My fellow seeds and I were popped in a paper packet and Mickey bought us from the garden shop. My siblings are over there.”.

“Could be worse. Some seeds are put in plastic bags and sold in supermarkets”.


“People cook with them”


“Yes, and then eat them. Imagine that”

“Look, there’s Mollie with her shears. Looks like we are heading for a vase”.

“At least we’ll be able to watch television properly tonight instead of peering through the crack in the curtains.  Here she comes.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Hope not. See you indoors”.


Mollie gave them to me.   I can’t wait to hear what they say when Gardners World comes on the telly at eight o’clock!



janet-puddicombe-sunflowers (1)

Thank you Donna for hosting. The picture is by Janet Puddicombe



8 thoughts on “One hundred and ninety-nine words…

  1. DB McNicol Oct 28, 2019 / 18:13

    What an imaginative story…but then again, you always have a way with words!

    Liked by 1 person

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