32 thoughts on “Thirty-two words …

  1. hilarymb Oct 5, 2019 / 17:06

    Sad … so sad. Great depiction of her waiting …

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  2. rochellewisoff Oct 6, 2019 / 12:53

    Dear Keith,

    “Brandy, you’re a fine girl, what a good wife you would be…” Love the touching story in 32 words. Haunting and poignant.



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    • Keith's Ramblings Oct 6, 2019 / 13:19

      “But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea”. That’s so kind of you, thanks Rochelle


  3. the real cie Oct 6, 2019 / 23:26

    A beautifully haunting little tale. Nicely done!
    Thank you for visiting me at Horror Harridans Writing Sisterhood.

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