One hundred words…

for Friday Fictioneers




My friend Rosey recently broke her ankle. Using crutches was Iike having four legs, two with minds of their own, so she borrowed a wheelchair instead. 

She hired an electric buggy in the shopping mall. She finds car-driving problematic, so manoeuvring that thing was something of a challenge! In H&M she somehow attached it to a rail of dresses. She dragged it behind her with several shop assistants trotting in her wake scooping up garments whilst attempting to attract her attention! 

She only needs a single crutch now. Apart from tripping up the odd passerby, she’s managing quite well. 



linda-kreger-promptThanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Linda Kreger for the picture.

Prod the frog to join in the fun!


58 thoughts on “One hundred words…

  1. Iain Kelly Aug 28, 2019 / 13:34

    Poor Rosie, wishing her a speedy recovery – and all of her unintended ‘victims’!

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  2. Christine Goodnough Aug 28, 2019 / 14:16

    I’m sure the story of how she broke her ankle would make a tale in itself — but of course would put you over the 100-word limit. 🙂
    Really enjoyed your take on the prompt.


  3. rochellewisoff Aug 28, 2019 / 14:32

    Dear Keith,

    Rosey sounds dangerous, if not entertaining. I could just imagine her dragging the clothing rack. Made me laugh out loud.



    Poor little froggie this week. 😉

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 28, 2019 / 17:59

      Rosey IS dangerous Rochelle, which is why I’ve had so much fun writing about her for the last 10 years! Hopefully Froggie will have recovered by next Wednesday.


  4. K.J. Aug 28, 2019 / 14:32

    Fun little story. Gave me a smile to start my Wednesday off right. 🙂

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  5. bearmkwa Aug 28, 2019 / 14:34

    Thanks for the chuckle. Reminds me of those first trips to the store after the accident in ’96…. I tried to manuever one of those store carts through the store and disassembled several endcaps before management came after me. I just looked at them and smiled. Mom said: ‘You make the aisles too narrow for your own carts. Maybe you ought to try to manuever around your store in them and see for yourself.’ … and we went on, ripping up the store as we went. By the next week, the aisles had been readjusted. Oh, but it was fun! Probably too much fun!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 28, 2019 / 17:52

      That’s fantastic! I’d love to have been an onlooker – I’d probably have joined in! In the end you did them a favour it seems. Thanks so much.

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  6. hilarymb Aug 28, 2019 / 14:38

    Hi Keith – sounds like Rosie is outdone by Bearmkwa! Fun to imagine those … and she’d need a few extra goodies for those helpers – cheers Hilary

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  7. granonine Aug 28, 2019 / 16:02

    Oh, Keith! You have me laughing so hard! I use those electric carts when they’re available, and one time I actually did cut a corner too close and pulled down a few shorts off a shelf.


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  8. Tannille Aug 28, 2019 / 17:03

    It’s the shop’s fault. They never leave enough room. Rosey in one of those buggies is a weapon.

    Great fun story.

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  9. pensitivity101 Aug 28, 2019 / 20:58

    Fun story Keith. Hubby used to put his crutches on the front of the shop mobility scooters like a dalek. People soon got out of his way then!

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  10. Dale Aug 28, 2019 / 23:46

    Ha ha! Some people should not be allowed with motorized vehicles of any kind…

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  11. subroto Aug 29, 2019 / 01:19

    Ha! Ha! Wonder who she is going to put in a hospital while using those crutches.

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  12. Inside the Mind of Isadora Aug 29, 2019 / 05:25

    LOL … the clothes rack was hilarious. I could picture her dragging it all around.
    Thanks for the chuckle, Keith. A great tale from you this week.
    Isadora 😎

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  13. draliman Aug 29, 2019 / 08:12

    Rosey’s misfortune is the misfortune of many! I like your little amendments to the frog 🙂

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 29, 2019 / 09:24

      Indeed it is -but misfortunes seem to happen more often with Rosey! Froggie wasn’t too keen on my amendments though!

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  14. Shweta Suresh Aug 29, 2019 / 13:18

    Haha. Loved your take on the prompt. Especially the part about the poor shop assistants. Thanks for making me laugh, Keith! 😄

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  15. gahlearner Aug 29, 2019 / 14:16

    Poor Rosey but happy us for getting this story. Great images. And the frog is also another masterpiece. Does anyone collect them yet?

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 30, 2019 / 10:28

      Rosey has so many accidents that she just accepts them as part of her life now! I often spend longer on Froggie than I do on my story! Rochelle has hijacked him a few times.

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  16. Liz Young Aug 29, 2019 / 15:24

    Hope Rosie is better soon. I took Mum aged 94 away for a few days in Eastbourne recently, and hired a mobility scooter for her. It went faster than I could walk, and she nearly drove into the road several times. Her eyesight is appalling, and I was constantly shouting to stop her running people over. Bloody nightmare!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 30, 2019 / 10:25

      So it was her!!! I based my story around something I saw in M&S in Eastbourne! Rosey also ‘lives’ in Eastbourne by the way. so it must be something about the place


  17. Abhijit Ray Aug 30, 2019 / 07:37

    Rosey is recovering. From two, she has graduated to one crutch. Soon she will be walking on her feet.

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  18. patriciaruthsusan Sep 2, 2019 / 13:49

    Hilarious, Keith. I see poor little froggy is suffering right along with Rosie. I hope she heals completely soon both for her sake and any victims in her way. 😀 — Suzanne

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