A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 21

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Young Tyler was staring up at the night sky from his bedroom window. It was black as ink and the moon was huge. His little sister Kate crept up behind him. ‘Boo’ she shouted and Tyler almost jumped out of his skin!

‘What are you doing Tyler?’ she asked.

‘I’m looking up there Kate’ he said, ‘I’m trying to see the man in the moon’

Kate giggled. ‘Don’t be silly Tyler, there’s no man in the moon. There can’t be because the moon is made of cheese’.

‘Perhaps he likes cheese’ said Tyler. ‘You do’.

Mum walked into the room. ‘Hi you two, what are you looking at?’

‘We are looking up there at the moon’ said Kate.

‘The moon’s a balloon’ said Mum with a silly grin on her face ‘A big round yellow balloon’

They all looked at each other and laughed.

‘Tyler believes there’s a man in the moon’ chuckled Kate.

‘Kate believes the moon is made of cheese’ laughed Tyler.

‘And it’s really not a balloon Mum!’ said Kate.

‘I’ll tell you what I believe’ said Mum ‘I believe it’s way past your bedtime!’

Kate went back to her room and opened the curtains just a little so she could peer up at the moon from her bed. She felt sure she saw a little mouse nibbling away at the surface. 

Tyler took one last look before he jumped under his duvet and waved to the man in the moon – and the man in the moon waved back.


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21 thoughts on “A-Z of Children’s Stories – day 21

  1. Violet Lentz Apr 24, 2019 / 00:49

    Mum sure popped their balloons, didn’t she. Enough imagination time for bed! augh!! Mothers! Loved it Keith.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beth Lapin Apr 24, 2019 / 01:37

    Fun! My grandson’s name is Orion, named after the Mighty Hunter. So looking at the night sky has always been fun with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 24, 2019 / 09:37

      Dad would think they were all being silly probably, but I believe them all! Cheers Kalpana.


  3. Cathy Kennedy Apr 24, 2019 / 16:36


    I remember thinking there’s a man in the moon as well as it was made of cheese. These days when I see the moon, I’m prong to cite, “I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me”. 🌝 There’s a little girl inside me still. 😀 This is undeniably a sweet story.

    A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch series ‘Ursula’


  4. Shilpa Garg Apr 24, 2019 / 21:13

    This is another lovely story of yours, Keith. Liked the beliefs of the 2 kids and how it shaped their reality!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 25, 2019 / 00:47

      Personally, I’d leave well alone for fear of what I might find especially on the dark side! There may be mouse traps. Cheers, Gail.


  5. Tia Crowston Nov 13, 2019 / 08:57

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!


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