A little bit of nonsense…

for Sunday Photo Fiction


It was nice of him to offer me a lift on his yacht. I’d always wanted to visit the uninhabited island across the bay. Off we went, bobbing up and down. He shouted ‘duck’. I looked to port and starboard, but couldn’t see one. It was then the boom swung round, bonked me on the head and knocked me overboard. He didn’t notice and just kept going.

Anyway, I swam ashore and had a nice time wandering around the island. I paddled in a stream, picked a daisy, drew my name in the sand, picked another daisy then got bored. Then it occurred to me – I was marooned. What now?

This kind of thing must have happened before because some thoughtful soul had left a blackboard and chalk on the rocks. I wrote HELP on it and hoped someone would see it.

adultbelly-flopcartoondaydivingexteriorfallingfunnyhappy-esma6h-clipartSomebody did. A pretty girl landed her paraglider alongside me. She told me to jump on her back, so needless to say I did. Then she ran along the shore until we shot into the sky. Weeeee! I stretched out my arms like aeroplane wings. Bad move. I did a free fall down into the briny.

I suppose I could get to like this island.

spf-12-9-18-fandango-3Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan and the photo is courtesy of  Fandango.


17 thoughts on “A little bit of nonsense…”

  1. I stayed a few days on Aruba a few years back. Not sure if I’d want to live there. Spotty wifi.
    Just give me some kind of water near by. I’ve got a little creek out back now, still seeing some ducks actually – not quite a sandy beach and winters are cold, but ‘There’s no place like home!’

    A fun read, a bit dreamy – to bad I have to wake up.


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