Friday Fictioneers



Hi, I’m Reg and that’s my twin Len, Keith’s hiking boots! We’ve walked everywhere. Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu; our Inca ancestors had it tough! We like a laugh though. Once on a really high road in Bolivia, Keith asked someone to take his picture. Just as the camera clicked Len let his grip go sending Keith sliding down a bank! Once I jokingly undid my lace when getting out of a canoe in Peru, but unfortunately, I landed in the water, not Keith. I felt a right idiot, literally!

We’re old and wrinkly now; ready to retire. We just wish Keith was!.





Meet the real Reg and Len!

adamickes-childsbootsThanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and Adam Ickes for the picture.

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers”

  1. A very innovative take on the prompt! I loved your story. Most stories are from a human perspective but you gave an altogether new angle by writing it from boot’s perspective!
    I hope they don’t retire…wish them many more travels!!

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  2. Hi Keith – your boots could tell a lot – perhaps rather more than your readers might wish to read … but love the idea of your boots talking … fun take on the image – cheers Hilary

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