Sunday Photo Fiction



ChristmasSantaRetro-GraphicsFairy11It’s a busy time of year for Father Christmas. The deadline is fast approaching. Hopefully, his industrious elves have produced enough gifts. He’s given his sleigh a good clean and he’s made sure the reindeer have been exercising. He’s lost a bit of weight too; last year he found several chimneys worryingly tight. It wouldn’t do to get stuck!

Today he’ll be planning his route. He always has a fly around by daylight so he can spot any possible hazards and locate new houses that might have popped up since last year.

Over the remaining few days he’ll be sitting in gaudy grottos and having his picture taken with children here there and everywhere. There are a lot of impersonators out there these days, but as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

You have thought that after all these years he’d be growing weary of his annual pursuit. But no, he’s just as perky as ever and as excited as the kids he’ll be secretly dropping in on this Christmas.

I wonder what he’ll bring me?




Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan Spaulding. Our picture this week is by  Anurag Bakhshi



18 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Problem with Father Christmas is he is only one person and has to deliver gifts on five continents in one night. Repeated application to human resource has not increased his manpower. Tradition has won over modernisation. Story of our lives.

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