Sunday Photo Fiction




I enjoy a good nightmare. It’s like watching a horror movie without buying a ticket! Plus, I usually have the starring role. I was in the mood for one last night so I ate loads of cheese before I went to bed – it usually works. I was snoring in seconds.

I found myself in a dense forest searching for something, I don’t know what. It was so quiet. I saw a puppy curled up under a tree. It raised its head. I smiled.

Then it all kicked off. The sweet little dog became a fang-toothed monster. I ran. It chased. I tripped. I fell. It towered over me, green slime dribbled from its gaping mouth. I tried rolling away. It slammed its paw on my chest. I struggled. It raised its back leg and peed all over me. It stank. Most unpleasant.

Suddenly I jarred awake. I was in a bit of a  state, but I’d rather not go into details.

As nightmares go, it wasn’t the best. If I’d paid to watch it, I’d have asked for my money back. And I didn’t even have any popcorn!


Word count 190

spf-july-8-2018-1-of-1Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan Spalding who also provided this week’s photo




16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Hi Keith – I really don’t like horror films … while being peed on is just not good to think about … but cheese and popcorn -together … popcorn smell is nauseous … cheese may have that too – but I enjoy eating it – nightmares yes on occasion … cheers Hilary

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