Friday Fictioneers



‘I wonder what’s buried there,’ thought Cliff. ‘Haven’t seen Sue for a while…oh no, she’s on holiday. Probably someone’s pet. People love walking dogs along the canal. Maybe a treasure chest! Argh! Just because I’ve never seen a pirate ship cruise by doesn’t mean they don’t. Actually, I did see a barge flying a jolly roger the other day! Could be gold down there. I wonder. I’m popping home to get my spade’.

‘Dig-dig-dig. Nothing so far. Did-dig-dig. Hard work, this. Dig-dig-dig. I’ll be in Australia soon! Dig-dig…whoops…woo…help…!’


‘I wonder what’s buried there’ thought George. ‘Haven’t seen Cliff for a while …’


under-bridgeFriday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle who also provided this week’s picture.

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