Friday Fictioneers



‘I wonder what’s buried there,’ thought Cliff. ‘Haven’t seen Sue for a while…oh no, she’s on holiday. Probably someone’s pet. People love walking dogs along the canal. Maybe a treasure chest! Argh! Just because I’ve never seen a pirate ship cruise by doesn’t mean they don’t. Actually, I did see a barge flying a jolly roger the other day! Could be gold down there. I wonder. I’m popping home to get my spade’.

‘Dig-dig-dig. Nothing so far. Did-dig-dig. Hard work, this. Dig-dig-dig. I’ll be in Australia soon! Dig-dig…whoops…woo…help…!’


‘I wonder what’s buried there’ thought George. ‘Haven’t seen Cliff for a while …’


under-bridgeFriday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle who also provided this week’s picture.

47 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Iain Kelly Nov 15, 2018 / 13:22

    How many are going to end up there before the council manages to put a ‘no digging’ sign up? Good chuckle as always Keith.

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  2. Christine Goodnough Nov 15, 2018 / 14:19

    Just goes to show, “What goes around comes around.” Or is it “What goes around must come down”? I haven’t seen that maxim for awhile… 😉

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  3. neilmacdon Nov 15, 2018 / 17:30

    Don’t know his ar*e from a hole in the ground that Cliff


  4. hilarymb Nov 15, 2018 / 21:29

    Hi Keith – oh dear I thought it’d be fun til I got to the photo prompt! Ah well … almost a ghost story – cheers Hilary

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  5. Dale Nov 16, 2018 / 01:40

    Why in heaven’s name would anyone want to dig in some unknown place like that? See where it got him!!

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  6. Abhijit Ray Nov 16, 2018 / 09:04

    What happened to Cliff? He was digging alright, did he die or was he killed?

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  7. michaelwynnauthor Nov 16, 2018 / 12:16

    He failed to adhere to the 11th commandment, when in a hole, stop digging. Nice humorous piece, Keith

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 19, 2018 / 09:38

      Not to be recommended. I live by a beach with quicksand and I’m always amazed at how many people ignore the warning signs


  8. rochellewisoff Nov 19, 2018 / 14:17

    Dear Keith,

    I loved the way the first and last lines brought your story full circle. Left me wondering what happened to both of them. Well done.



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