Sunday Photo Fiction




Great, my story’s finished!

Oh dear, it’s a bit long. I’m double the 200-word limit. Some editing required methinks.

So, out goes the second paragraph. It’s not really necessary. Without it, paragraph three has nothing to relate to, so that can go too. Great, it’s shrinking.

If I make the title really descriptive I won’t need the first few sentences. Actually, I may as well strike the whole paragraph. Let’s see? Yes, that works. Then if I use a picture of what’s happening I won’t need to describe it.

Paragraph three has too many flowery phrases. Loads of words can disappear without altering the story. Trouble is, some of the sentences now look a little basic, naked even! I’m not happy with them. I’ll knock it out completely. That’s better. The ending doesn’t make sense now so much has gone, so I’ll dump that too. There it goes!

Right, done. I hope you enjoy the story!

Oh! It’s gone! Just the title and picture remain and they are not really needed without a story. Guess I’ll have to start again. Here goes!

Once upon a time (4) there was a  man called Eustace (that’s 10 – 190 to go!) and he was sweeping ………….


Word count 201 (near enough!)



Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan. C.E.Ayr provided the photo.


23 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Very cleverly done Keith. I had a similar dilemma – a complete story, but with 379 words, and only a few minutes to edit and post before going out – I chopped and ended up posting a pile of pap (which I could argue was a literal fit with the prompt, except that pile was tidier).
    Your solution was much more imaginative and funny too.

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