Sunday Photo Fiction


‘I told you not to wear those stupid heels’ yelled Tom as he tried to bring the inflatable boat under control. A circle of bubbles surrounded the spinning craft as air rushed from one corner. ‘Stick your big toe through the hole and I’ll try and paddle us to the shore’.

‘But what about my toenails?’  cried Millie. ‘I spent a fortune having them manicured yesterday’

Sadly their efforts were in vain as the crumpled craft spluttered one final fart and began sinking.

In the nick of time, a blow-up dolphin came alongside. ‘Climb aboard my hearties’ shouted its captain.  Seconds later they were sitting astride and on their way back to safety – until that was, Millie, who was clutching her precious shoes managed to repeat her earlier mishap and punctured the rubber creature’s rear end with a heel.

You’ll be pleased to learn they all got back to terra-firma thanks to the duty lifeguard who was suddenly woken from his siesta by their cries of help.

autarquica.regular (1)

‘I told you not to admire your stubble in the mirror whilst steering’ screamed Mille from behind as the wobbling tandem left the road and shot into a hedge.


Sunday Photo Fiction is hosted by Susan Spaulding who also provided this week’s picture.


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