il_fullxfull.88954122What’s today? Monday. No, it’s Friday because we had fish and chips. There’s my empty plate. See? Yes, Friday.

What happened to my memory? I used to win quizzes. I did – didn’t I?

Why’s this happening? WHY? It makes me so ANGRY!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout.

It’s like I’m staring through a misted window. I see shapes but not the detail. You wouldn’t understand, why should you?


Who are you, standing there gawping at me? My daughter? No you’re not. Go. go. NOW.

That’s it, turn on the waterworks. Youngsters today. Heaven help us.


My nurse is lovely. Jenny. No, Jacqui. I think. She understands me. She has a special gift. How can I explain it? It’s as if she wipes away the mist, and for a few precious moments, my memory returns.

Then she goes, it steams up again and I forget what I remembered.

Hey, cheer up. It’s fish and chips tonight. I think.  My nurse Jacqui… err, Jenny will be here with it soon.



Word count 168


photo-20180910153513058Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is hosted by Priceless Joy. This weeks picture is by wildverbs.






30 thoughts on “FFfAW”

  1. He probably always was a bit crotchety, but with the dementia fogging and frustrating him… Well done, Keith. All you need now is to have him refusing to put on the clothes he’s given because they aren’t his and why should he wear someone else’s? (Went through that with Bob’s mom)


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