A 100 Word Story

Friday Fictioneers



I just sang Walk on By and they walked on by. I used to have a studio. I made records, sold lots. I filled halls, played festivals. Now look at me. In my guitar case, there’s just a few coppers, a pound coin and screwed-up chocolate wrapper.

See him, posing for selfies? Last time we met I was Jack-the-lad and he was sleeping rough. I once helped him out, gave him a bed and a square meal.

Think positive. I can do it. Smile, sing. Give ‘em soul, show ‘em Elvis lives! I will eat tonight. I will!

Please God say I will.


music-roomFor Friday Fictioneers which is hosted by Rochelle who also provided this week’s picture.

98 thoughts on “A 100 Word Story”

  1. Well written and really touching. How many of those old guys we see are living the hard life of a “has been”? Some buskers make a good living; we heard of one young man, playing the flute, who made enough to pay his way through university.

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  2. An affecting story, beautifully told. I love buskers and find it almost impossible not to stop and listen awhile and drop a bit of cash into the hat. Great opening with him singing “Walk On By” as they walk on by.

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  3. Well done, Keith. There is always a story behind every person, and you put a face on those who are so often fleetingly faceless, even if we pause to put some coins or a dollar bill in their case.


      1. There’s a great documentary out there called “Searching for Sugar Man.” If you haven’t already heard of it, you should see it. It’s an amazing story about a rise to fame and a fall from grace.

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  4. Oh, a tragic story. How did his dreams turn into a nightmare, I wonder. The best part is, the narrative allows me to interpret the story (as a reader) in different ways.

    A part of me says that he ended up like this because of the person he helped once.

    The second interpretation is that he could never make it big as a musician (not because of any lack of talent but circumstances perhaps) and now he has resigned to his fate.

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    1. Both scenarios played out in my mind as I wrote this, also that his music was no longer current. In the pop ‘music’ digital age however it’s not that necessary to be musical at all . Anyway, I’ll leave it to you to decide!

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