Sunday Photo Fiction


‘¿Eduado por qué hablan en inglés?’

‘I’m speakie English because I wanna tourists come to our bar Marianna’

Eduardo and Mariana ran La Cocina de la Abuela in Mexico City. Things had been a bit slow of late, so Eduardo thought he could increase their trade by welcoming foreigners with open arms.

‘¿Por qué cambiaste el nombre a Grandma’s Kitchen?’

‘I change the name because that is what it say in English Mariana’.

He was hoping a more familiar sounding name might attract the attention of holidaymakers.

‘¿Que es eso?’

‘You mean this pot Marianna?


‘This Marianna is ketchup. It for fish and chips’.

Eduardo thought that he should introduce a few items on the menu to appeal to visitors who’d had enough tacos and enchiladas.

‘¿Por qué Eduardo, por qué?’

Eduardo crossed his arms over his chest, took a deep breath and looked up.

‘Why?’ he roared, ‘why? Because we must build bridges, not walls Marianna’.

‘¿Estás construyendo un puente?’

‘No Marianna, I not build a real bridge…I…I…

¡Oh, me rindo!’

Word count 169

bar-in-mexicoFor Sunday Photo Fiction which s hosted by Susan Spaulding who also provided the photograph.


20 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Oh, now you have me curious. Why had trade fallen off for these two? Has someone spread an ugly rumor? Or perhaps “the locals” are all in line at the US border right now, speaking of walls? Now that you’ve created a likeable pair, you’ll have to tell us more. 😉

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  2. I could see Windsor, Canada from the window at my old job in the city of Detroit. Are we going to put border patrols out in the lakes and rivers too? My country is going crazy.

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  3. I love how you use humor to get your message through. I am not sure what type of world I live in anymore. This is not the American I grew up in and the first time I have ever thought about leaving. I hope we come to our senses soon. Well done Keith.


  4. Hi Keith – so true … and I love the way you’ve set it … they have their work cut out – to find their tourists … with the political overtones. Muddle of the language translator … clever and as the others have said – Mariana and Eduardo could be used with Rosie … now that would introduce a puzzling encounter. Cheers Hilary

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