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We sit shoulder to shoulder in the cramped cabin, buckled into our tiny spaces.

A crew member goes through the emergency procedure, her arms shooting forward then out the sides. A group of young men, already in the party spirit yell ‘I must, I must, must improve my bust!’

Businessmen sit reading, ignoring. They’ve seen it so many times. Three nuns listen attentively, fiddling with their Rosary beads. A child struggles and shrieks, attempting to make a break for freedom

A honeymoon couple, oblivious to the stewardesses dire warnings gazes into each other’s eyes. An elderly man fiddles with his hearing aid and shouts to his wife’s embarrassment ‘she’s mumbling’

Another demonstration ends. She packs away her kit and takes her seat for yet another takeoff.

Some continue reading, others probe under their seats to ensure they do have a safety jacket. The nuns stare ahead and the child gives up its struggle. The old chaps hearing aid whistles and the lads shout for drinks. The loving couple havn’t moved an inch.


Words 172


photo-20180604154619038For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where the photo s provided by Yarnspinnerr

25 thoughts on “FFfAW”

    1. Fly into Quito or Guayaquil, Ecuador. You’ll likely see some in either one. Perhaps all over South America – I’m not sure. I do see them more often on domestic Ecuador flights than on international flights so perhaps they dress differently when traveling internationally? Hmmm…

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  1. I sometimes wonder why they bother with these demonstrations anymore, no one pays the slightest bit of attention to them and in the event of a crash, we all know our chances are slim!

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  2. Hi Keith – the thought of those sorts of plane trips horrifies me … I am getting elderly! Perhaps the need for a hearing aid is due – so I can block the noise out … I certainly don’t need it or them! Bust improver … some need them! Cheers H

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