Friday Fictioneers



Tom hadn’t been back for seventeen years. The coffee bar was still there. He ventured inside.

He noticed a girl, drinking a smoothie whilst staring at her mobile phone the way teenagers do. Something about her reminded him of Alison. They used to sit there. They even scratched their initials on the tabletop! He wondered if they were still there.

The girl stood to leave, looked across, smiled and was gone.


Last time he and Alison were there they’d argued and she’d stormed out. He never saw her again. Her final words flooded his mind…

“By the way, you are going to be a father”.



the-met-roger-bFor Friday Fictioneers which is hosted by Rochelle. This weeks picture is from Roger Bultot

96 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers”

  1. I like your story. I’m not so sure that I’d wish them to meet up. There’ll be an awful lot of emotional baggage. The girl is happy – why encumber her with a father who’s never been there for her?

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  2. Hmm… In real life the resemblance to Amy is probably just a coincidence or wishful thinking. In fictional land, sounds like maybe Tom has just seen someone much more related to him than he realizes!

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