Friday Fictioneers




From tiny pods of peas to his massive orange pumpkins, he always won prizes at the annual produce show. Even after his marriage ended in acrimonious circumstances, he carried on, seemingly unbothered.

At least, so we thought.

One winter’s night he stood before a bonfire with a handful of photographs. He gazed at one then threw it into the flames. Another, then another until none remained. Then he retired to bed and fell asleep, never again to wake.

Next year there’ll be a special award at the produce show in honour of the man none of us really knew.


russell-workingThanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Connie Gayer for her photo of Russell!

80 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers”

  1. Wow. That’s an awfully big hole he is digging. I would never have gone in your direction. More like something criminal. Unless, of course, he was digging his own grave?

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  2. Well done and definitely a heart-touching piece of writing. We can really feel for the poor old guy and the guilt of the minding-our-own-business neighbours.
    Makes me recall a classmate, tall, blond, handsome, school football hero, fought over by two girls. Did he feel no one really cared, or why dd he commit suicide at 18?

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  3. Interesting, Keith.
    I guess he felt relieved for having being burnt pics of his “his marriage (that) ended in acrimonious circumstances”…
    Awards are special, even posthumous ones…

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  4. I try to keep an eye out for people close to me who are struggling and also hope to reach battlers through my blog. However, people keep slipping through the net. It’s so tragic.
    Hope you’re having a better week yourself.
    Best wishes,

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  5. so sad
    and rich little story here
    alos – very realistic

    reminded me of the time I heard that Jackie O (Kennedy’s wife) burned all her journals and pics before she died – never wanting anyone to glance inside.

    makes ya wonder what was behind the veil.

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  6. Nice one! There’s a similar theme to your FF story last week – a man with a somewhat blighted life who keeps his pain under wraps. Maybe you could weave them together somehow?


    1. KB, fancy meeting you here! Yep, still blogging 12 years on, and loving it more than ever. I’m going to check up on you now. I expect to find you still at it – don’t let me down!


  7. You use the very powerful image of burning each photograph separately. Burning is such a final, irreversible act and, done the way you describe, nothing remains but ash. Was there deep anger in his heart, I wonder? Or despair? Or even a ‘coming to terms’ with his excruciating loss? You probe the depths with this story, Keith.

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