FFfAW – looking back 2!

As Priceless Joy is taking a well-earned break, I’ve once again delved back into my previous Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers posts. This tale is from November 2016. 

The day was dull, the sky a heavy blanket of grey. Damp mist drifted around the village. Here and there a golden glow poured from a shop window only to melt away into the gloom.

Across a field walked a stranger. In the sky above him, the sun peeped through the clouds, leaving in his wake a canopy of blue. Slumbering flowers unfurled their gaudy petals as he passed; birds sang from the treetops and butterflies fluttered and frolicked in the warmth of the sunbeams.

He climbed a gate and wandered along the cobbled street; suddenly all around was bathed in sunlight. Passing villagers looked up and smiled; a fluffy kitten weaved between his feet. As he crossed the bridge the rippling water glistened; silver fish leapt and dived. A majestic white swan glided through a bed of swaying reeds, as one by one lilies opened their golden flowers embracing their newfound warmth.

The village folk watched as he walked away, stopping only briefly to look over his shoulder and smile. Then he seemed to fade away. The stranger was no more.

Photo by Joy Pixley.

2 thoughts on “FFfAW – looking back 2!

  1. hilarymb May 29, 2018 / 16:05

    Hi Keith – interesting … lots of interpretations – however some people do seem to bring joy into others’ lives – cheers and enjoy the early summer – Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

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