Sunday Photo Fiction

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks soaking up the sun in Dubai so I missed the worst of the snow. What a shame!




Helen wrapped herself in her warmest coat and scarf, said goodbye to her friend and headed off into the winter’s night. The driving snow assaulted her cheeks. An ambulance splashed through slush, its siren screaming. She passed the traffic lights; red amber green amber red. Snow, darkness, noise, light, cold.

Just one more corner then the glowing orange street-light outside her house, would welcome her home.

Then Helen saw it. A snowman with glinting eyes. She walked by, shoved open the gate and tramped towards her door. She glanced over her shoulder; the snowman had turned to face her bearing a menacing smile. Her mind was playing tricks. Yes, that was it. A couple too many drinks then the freezing cold.

After fumbling with her key the door eventually opened and she stumbled inside. For a moment she just stood, eyes closed. It was warm, comforting, quiet. After throwing a log on the fire she crossed the room to close the curtains.

Her heart missed a beat as she faced the snowman, staring at her, just inches from the window.

Next morning her friend phoned, but got no reply. It had thawed overnight. On the doorstep lay a stick, some scraps of foil and Helen’s mobile, ringing, ringing, ringing…..



26-jade-wong-march-4th-2018Written for Sunday Photo Fiction where the photo prompt is provided by Jade Wong.

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