gaby.demo (1)

mermaid_by_rerekina-d54eymaA silvery sparkling sea rolled into the golden sandy cove where beneath the boughs of a swaying palm sat a bejeweled mermaid, Queen of all she surveyed. In her arms, she held her merbaby, Le Princesse de la Mer.

‘It’s time for you to go my child’ said the Queen. ‘For I am tired and you must  take my place’

Where must I go?’  asked the child

Over the horizon’ said her Mother.

If I go in too deep I might drown Mummy’ said the child.

No my child, the creatures of the ocean will protect you’

How will I know when I am there?’ the child asked.

‘You will know little one. You will know’

And with that, the Queen was gone. The child looked around but saw no one. She was alone.

She swam through rainbows of fish and forests of coral. But the elusive horizon came no closer.

How far is the horizon?’ she asked a dolphin. ‘As far as you can see and more’ he said.

Which way is the horizon?’ she asked a starfish. ‘That way child’ he said pointing in five directions.

How long will it take?’ she asked an oyster. ‘How long is a string of pearls?’ it replied.

I’m tired, may I ride on your back?’ she asked a seahorse. ‘No young one’ he said. ‘You have to make the journey alone in order to claim your throne’

She was exhausted and clinging to a passing piece of driftwood fell into a deep deep sleep.

A while later she awoke, rubbed her eyes and saw before her a sparkling rock, upon which sat glistening golden throne.

Mermaids appeared from every direction, then circled around her frolicking and laughing with joy. Forming a nest of arms they gently lifted the child high above the rolling azure waves.

Take your place upon the throne Princesse de la Mer’ said a voice from above.

For this is the place over the horizon, this is the place where you belong’.




Badge 1Written in response to the prompt at Write…Edit…Publish which is ‘In too deep’

Picture ‘Mermaid’ by Rerekeena at deviantArt

40 thoughts on “WEP”

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Denise and thank you for welcoming me back. Having considered the prompt it occured to me that many of us would write deep stories. I always try to do the opposite in order to stand apart from others hence my somewhat shallow response to being in too deep!


  1. Hi Keith,
    I am not sure that my comment took. It just disappeared. I will try to repeat what I wrote. Your story is a story of hope for me. A young mermaid on a journey to find her place in the world. Her mother has let her go. And so she swims on a journey that will lead her to her throne.
    A beautiful story.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

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  2. hi Keith – I liked how she had to find her way … to become the true Princess. I could see her conversing with her fellow sea-creatures … lovely – now I need to know what she’s going to do with her magical life … cheers Hilary

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  3. Sure makes it all the more rewarding when the journey is completed without the need of help. Pushing on sure can get us there, not sure we’ll get a throne though haha A fun one through the sea indeed.

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