Flash Fiction

Post 1625. Tuesday January 30



A pinch of his fingers and the flame went out, the heady scent of lilies that moments earlier filled the room repressed by the reek of smokey tallow.

He sat back and sighed.


Days, weeks, months he’d waited. A vigil beside her bed. Did she know he was there? Could she sense the sadness he felt?

There she lay in a tangle of wires and tubes like a discarded puppet. No. It wasn’t fair, not on her, not on him. It was pointless. ‘Why?’ he wondered.

‘Why not?’ he thought. So he did.

Then he stood and felt his way across the darkened room, into the hallway and out into the street. The glistening sun assaulted his weary eyes and a blanket of warmth embraced him; welcomed him to a new beginning.

What became of him nobody knows. He just left, never to be seen again.


Word count 149

photo-20180129154606147Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is hosted by Priceless Joy and this week’s photo prompt is by Goroyboy.

22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction”

  1. It is tempting to think we could just get up and disappear, off to lead another life, but. as with this character, to do so is to leave our responsibilities to others behind. Good moral quandary this one.

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  2. You captured the waiting perfectly and the metaphor of the candle being snuffed out as he snuffs out his wifes suffering, ending the inevitable and the waiting. I wonder what his new beginning will be. It is not that easy to start over although perhaps he’d grieved during the waiting and it was time to move on. Great story.


  3. Keith, this was an intense story from you. I had to read twice to understand. I hope it is not illegal and he does not face consequences for his actions. Or did he kill himself too?

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