A story in six sentences

Post 1623. Thursday January 25


In his studio, a crumbling concrete bunker midst the trees, an artist stared at a blank canvas, his mind empty, his thoughts a vapid open space, the river of inspiration just a dry and dusty ditch.

He hurlcolor-palette-and-artistic-brush-vector-icon-stock-artisted an easel across the room, trampled on crumpled paint tubes, then crouched in a corner, his weary head in his hands.

Then through the rusty iron grid that crisscrossed the broken window, a sunray permeated the gloom and translucent shadows began to dance, trip and frolic upon the peeling walls, and the awful silence was broken by a songbird whistling a cheery tune.

He unfurled his aching body, righted his easel, grasped some sheets of paper, adorned his palette with paints of many colours, and with a flick of his wrist pictures begin to form; one, two, ten, more.


Many years passed before the deserted studio was stumbled upon; a glimpse of heaven a reporter wrote, inspirational artifacts said an expert, but nobody knew the identity of the creator. Not a name, not a signature, not a single clue.

Composed for Six Sentence Stories where this week’s cue word is Dry

17 thoughts on “A story in six sentences”

  1. It makes me wonder if all the words I’ve written, hidden on my hard drive will someday be discovered. Probably not, but hey. The story was well written and food for thought – the best kind.


  2. Your opening sentence speaks to all who create art whether through paint on canvas or words upon paper or a screen. I’ve often stared at a blank screen, my own ‘mind empty, .. thoughts a vapid open space, the river of inspiration just a dry and dusty ditch.”
    Very relatable, well done 6!


  3. Wow! There is so much action depicted in your SSS. It was easy to feel what he was feeling and doing. You are quite the artist yourself in weaving your words.


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