Flash Fiction

Post 1621. Tuesday January 23

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


My mate Brian claimed he could see strange creatures in the wood. Not nasty ones, more like mischievous sprites. Rubbish I said, take me to see them.

The next night he made me dress in black. He gave a black balaclava to wear and handed me a penny whistle. I asked why he wasn’t dressed like me and he said they knew him, but they were frightened of strangers so I needed to blend into the darkness.

At the midnight hour, Brian and I crept into the woods. He told me to sit cross-legged on the bench, close my eyes and mentally count to twenty whilst blowing my whistle. Eighteen, nineteen twenty. When I opened my eyes Brian had disappeared.

I froze as three white-faced creatures crawled towards me from between the trees. Suddenly they started bombarding me with pine cones!

I admit that as practical jokes go it was a pretty good one. But it cost Brian Paul and Simon a pint each in the pub the next night.

Word count 169

photo-20180122154618182Thanks to priceless Joy for hosting FFfAW and Fandango for the picture.

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