A little bit of magic …

for Sadje’s What Do You See? photo prompt.

No audio today I’m afraid because I’ve got a bit of a cold and I’d hate for you to catch it from me whilst listening!


I bought one of those copper bracelets, the ones that are supposed to cure your aches and pains. I don’t often get aches and pains but I’ve always believed that prevention is better than cure.

When the skin on my wrist started turning green I was concerned that it had a magical quality that was about to turn me into a Shrek lookalike! Happily, it didn’t. Apparently, copper objects to sweat and body lotions and sometimes shows its disapproval by giving the moisturised perspirer a green mark. 

You’ll probably think I’m going a bit doolally, but I do believe it’s a bit magical. Take the other day for instance. I was fiddling with it when I bought a lottery scratch card, and I won some money. Not a lottery, just a litteley but it made me think!

There’s a girl I quite fancy. I saw her in the street yesterday and touched my bracelet wishing one day she’d fall for me. She tripped on a wonky paving slab and fell into my arms! Well, it almost worked! 

I was struggling to find something to write about earlier on, so I stroked my copper cooperator hoping it would come up with a clever story for me, and this is the result. 

What do you mean it’s just disproved my theory? Okay, please yourselves.





Image Credit; Axel Ruffini @ Unsplash

32 thoughts on “A little bit of magic …

  1. Sadje Mar 27, 2023 / 16:09

    I always enjoy your stories Keith. This is fun too. Thanks for joining in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Indira Apr 1, 2023 / 14:05

    Wish you good luck that it never loses its charm. A pleasant story.


  3. Nicole Horlings Apr 3, 2023 / 03:46

    Even though you didn’t narrate this story, I still tried to read it with your accent in my head. You’ve got some great moments in this piece. I loved the lottery / littlery, and the I hoped she fall for me / she tripped into me.


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