A tale…

for Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Silk.




Dear Ladies, Gentlemen and others, my name is Hugh Dunnit, a private eye extraordinaire with a catalogue of uncovered crimes, discovered misdemeanours and imprisoned imposters.

I am gifted with the ability to see things that policemen do not which is why my services are oft’ sought by the local constabulary.

Yesterday I assisted Detective Dense at a murder scene where he failed to follow a pointer that led me along a path of discovery, for once again he’d ignored my advice; if you see a clue, don’t dismiss it no matter how meagre it might appear.

We were at the home of local bigwigs, Lord and Lady Wigbig, where his Lordship’s lifeless body lay slumped on a chaise lounge having seemingly been strangled, and as the detective and his deputies scratched their empty heads something occurred to me.

Her Ladyship was known for always wearing one particular item of clothing, and as I questioned her I noticed it was missing which lead me to solve the crime.

Lord Wigbig was killed by Lady Wigbig in the lounge with a silk scarf.


30 thoughts on “A tale…

  1. Frank Hubeny Mar 16, 2023 / 13:54

    Nice sound to this phrase: “imprisoned imposters”. It seemed that Detective Dense missed the obvious.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 16, 2023 / 15:36

      Hughray! I was going for led as in the past tense of lead, but I may have been leaded up the garden path!!!


      • Christine Goodnough Mar 16, 2023 / 17:06

        English can be quite a mystery. It would be easier if the past tense of read was red and head was hed…


  2. Suzette Benjamin Mar 16, 2023 / 15:27

    Hugh Dunnit what a perfect name for a sleuth. His resume is so exciting. Marvelous caset of “characters” bigwigs
    names “Wigbigs”..LOL. Love it!
    P.S I did notice your reference to “Crimes and Misdemeanors” the movie… Excellent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 16, 2023 / 15:42

      That’s really kind of you Suzette! That movie is SO old I didn’t know if anyone would spot it! I’m now wondering if anyone will notice the reference to Cluedo in the third sentence!

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      • Suzette Benjamin Mar 16, 2023 / 15:54

        I have never heard of “Cluedo” so thanks for the introduction. I have googled it.


      • Keith's Ramblings Mar 16, 2023 / 16:22

        I believe it’s also known as Clue in the US. The object is to discover who, where and what with, as in my last line!


  3. clark Mar 16, 2023 / 19:01

    (Note to self: learn to write fun, engaging stories, ideally with a liberal use of puns and old cultural references.)

    …oh, damn! Is this thing on?

    Fun post, Keith! Always like a story in which the narrative gets the Reader to the end, but the writer leaves hints and clues that when spotted, makes us feel good about catching as many references as we do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 17, 2023 / 14:28

      Yes, it’s on and I’m delighted that it is! You say the nicest things, Clark, thank you.


  4. Liz H Mar 18, 2023 / 21:56

    A ripping tale of perfidy and perfumed silk!


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