I don’t know what’s got into her this week!

For The Sunday Muse. I take no responsibility for this one, it’s all my Muses’ fault!



I was strolling in the park when I saw a tree moving across the grass. There was a blackbird sitting on a branch whistling Fly Me to the Moon. It was a sweltering afternoon, phew it was hot. It was snowing too, not ordinary snow. It was more like whirling pink popcorn. 

There was big puddle to one side of me. The water was every colour of the rainbow and the sun was setting in it. Pretty. There was a little maidmer sitting on a stone in the middle. She was like a mermaid, only the other way around – a fish with gorgeous long silky legs and twelve pretty painted toenails. 

A grotesque woman came gliding toward me. I thought she was on roller skates. Only she wasn’t, she was being carried along by a huge bunch of multicoloured balloons. You should have seen her! She looked like a cross between a pantomime dame and a clown. Suddenly the blackbird swooped down and pierced the balloons with its beak. Pop pop pop.

I was about to ask her on a date and she went pop too. The barbaric bird then grabbed her gaudy clothes in its claws, stuck its tongue out at me and flew up up up into the sky.

Don’t believe me? Well, it was London, and it was the sixties. I’ll say no more!.’





z-1Original photos, Smoke and Glasses and Full Moon, source unknown.

25 thoughts on “I don’t know what’s got into her this week!

  1. Denise Mar 12, 2023 / 11:08

    LOL. I visited London in the 60’s but must have missed that show. I’m thinking it might have been running in San Francisco too.

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  2. Suzette Benjamin Mar 12, 2023 / 11:34

    Kaleidoscope musings of the psychedelic era muse! Well done ode to the 60s. Nice touch with the music in your audio too…perfect selection!!

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  3. The Sicilian Storyteller Mar 12, 2023 / 13:13

    Have you been eating the funny mushrooms again, Keith, or just looking at life through kaleidoscope eyes? I adore this trippy magic carpet ride! 🌈 😎

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 12, 2023 / 14:48

      I did have some mushrooms on toast before I wrote it…I wonder! Whatever, I’m chuffed you enjoyed the trip!

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  4. Gillena Cox Mar 12, 2023 / 14:51

    LOL! Nice one.
    Happy Sunday

    My post today is HERE



    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 12, 2023 / 17:27

      I had the Sgt Pepper album in mind when I wrote it. Btw, I queued outside a record shop in central London the day it was released and it’s still one of my proudest possessions!

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      • poetisatinta Mar 12, 2023 / 18:39

        Yes I have one too vinyl is making a big come back 😦


  5. Jim Mar 12, 2023 / 17:25

    Uu, I am so thankful I escaped the 60’s and early 70’s without trying even one drug or smoking one weed. I might have done the latter if it weren’t against the law. 🙂

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 12, 2023 / 17:29

      Well dodged Jim, unfortunately, it was a way of life for many as they later came to regret,


  6. Carrie V. H. Mar 13, 2023 / 15:13

    Yep, London & the 60s! That a wild ride, and your poem captured it well Keith!


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