A story

For The Sunday Muse


A while ago I met a girl called Laura. A strange girl, she‘s never seen without a pair of dark glasses covering her eyes. Much is hearsay, but those who claim to know her all seem to tell the same story. Let me tell you what  I‘ve heard about Laura.


They say that throughout her apartment, sunglasses are tucked, wedged and propped into every corner. Under cushions, in kitchen drawers, on shelves, among the leaves of her houseplants; dark glasses lurk, peer and peek. As if they are watching everything Laura does. 

Nobody has ever seen Laura’s eyes. Are they blue as the midday sky, or brown like the soil of mother earth? Are they as cold as a winter morn’s frost, or burning like the flames of an autumn bonfire? Do they sparkle or sulk or glisten or brood? Day after day Laura hides her eyes behind windows of darkened glass.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Laura wants nobody to see into her soul. And she has no desire to look into the souls of those she meets. They don’t realise she’s avoiding looking them in the eye. She looks to their right or their left. She stares above or below; anywhere but into their eyes. Because of her glasses, they have no idea.

Laura lost her mother when she was but a few years old. Those that remember Laura’s mother remember only her eyes. They say they looked empty, like deep dark pits. She was it seems, a troubled person, though nobody ever knew why.

It is said that when Laura looked into her dying mother’s eyes she saw something terrible; something which would stay with her always, and something she never wanted to see again. 

And so, from that day to this Laura has worn dark glasses so no one can see into her soul. She fears they may see something within her that could lead them down the dark path she walked all those years ago.

And she worries she might see something deep inside theirs which will bring back the terror she suffered back then.

I’ve not seen Laura for a while.  I don’t know where she is,  or what she’s doing. Those that claimed to know her all drifted away.

I think about Laura, often.


‘If thine eyes be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness’: Matthew 6: 23




eye double exposureThanks to Carrie for hosting.

Photography by Shireen Hardan


31 thoughts on “A story

  1. beth Oct 2, 2022 / 11:36

    that is so incredibly sad. p.s. when i was little, i believed i was invisible when wearing sunglasses, but it was more of me wanting to be a spy. (now you’ve given me a blog idea!) thanks -)

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  2. The Sicilian Storyteller Oct 2, 2022 / 12:08

    When I read one of your stories, it’s like being with you sitting by the fireside. I’m sure your written word would stand alone but it’s the accompanying audio that draws me into your world. Please don’t stop making these recordings; they are magnificent. 🌟

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Oct 2, 2022 / 14:32

      I can’t thank you enough for your lovely comment. You wouldn’t believe how many attempts it took to get the audio right, I nearly gave up but now I’m glad I didn’t!

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      • The Sicilian Storyteller Oct 2, 2022 / 15:15

        I’m glad you didn’t too! I did a few uploads for a radio show so I know how frustrating the audio can be. Your recordings add so much to your wonderful stories.

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  3. wyndolynne Oct 2, 2022 / 13:29

    This was interesting; reading it through the first time I felt the pleasant shivers of a ghost story, easy to assume the darkness was real and potentially contagious. Listening to it, the sadness of the story came through at the end, giving a new color to the story. Really enjoyed this one.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Oct 2, 2022 / 14:53

      Thanks so much for telling me how it read. Like most of us, I’m sure, I often wonder if the words will come across in the way I intended!


  4. Carrie V. H. Oct 3, 2022 / 15:20

    An incredibly moving story Keith! A bit of mystery woven in too. Wonderful writing my friend!

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  5. msjadeli Oct 3, 2022 / 16:18

    Keith that is first class writing. You may be on to something there.

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  6. Rob Kistner Oct 3, 2022 / 19:18

    This is well written! Has a captivating sadness Keith. I liked the sense of wonder and longing. I had a magical women that swept through my life in my performing days, in and out-like a wildfire. Wondered about that woman for years — honestly, I longed for her.

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  7. imnobodywhoareyou Oct 5, 2022 / 03:54

    Mathew 18:9 If your eyes deceive you, gouge them out, a little extreme perhaps, but you made me sense Laura’s paranoia and her sense of the unknown, ghosts that haunt us………on another note……..why do so few people make eye contact anymore, especially in suburban areas.

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