Eighty-two words…

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Viable.





I said it was a good idea, she said it wasn’t.

She said it’d lose money, I said it wouldn’t.

I said I thought it through, she said I didn’t.

She said I’d gone bonkers, I said I hadn’t.

I said I was doing it, she said I shouldn’t.

In time, what she said about what I said, and what I said about what she said proved me to be right and her, wrong. 

When she admitted its viability she went viaballistic!




22 thoughts on “Eighty-two words…

  1. Suzette Benjamin Sep 24, 2022 / 13:53

    Wonderful fun wordplay, Keith. Reminds me of the famous Abbott and Costello scene “Who’s on first:..”

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  2. Bill Sep 25, 2022 / 16:04

    He said she said, and when it goes “viaballistic,” anything is possible. Well contrived, Keith.


  3. Na'ama Yehuda Sep 25, 2022 / 17:01

    “Mary Mary quite contrary …” 😉
    This was fun!
    Been a while since I wrote or read much on blogs. Hopefully back in the saddle now!

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      • Na'ama Yehuda Sep 26, 2022 / 20:00

        Early hibernation? 😉 Been an extra-ordinarily busy summer. Didn’t expect it to be, but so it turned out. Feels like I need another summer NOW! 😉 But, time doth fly … as this one had.

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  4. Sunra Rainz Sep 25, 2022 / 21:26

    Brilliant wordplay, Keith! :-). You diagrams are great too.


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