For Six Sentence Stories where the given word is Path



Crouching in a deep hollow with a perfect view of the path, the atmosphere was tense and their nerves were on edge for soon their foe would be approaching.

Their arsenal of carefully picked weapons was close to hand and after days of practice and preparation, they were ready for anything, breathe deeply lads, breathe deeply.

The attack came suddenly, the enemy charging towards them, bombarding them with missiles. 

A shower of soggy sprouts and squidgy squash was followed by a riot of rotten cabbage cannonballs.

They retaliated with a cascade of stale cupcakes and a barrage of mouldy bread rolls, but things did not go their way and twenty minutes later they emerged from the ditch defeated, hands held high.

Their punishment was to clean up the battlefield and return the spent weapons to the garbage bins behind the supermarket from whence they came.



Thanks to Denise at GirlieOnTheEdge for hosting

38 thoughts on “Danger!

  1. Susan St.Pierre Aug 3, 2022 / 23:56

    Everyone knows that stale cupcakes are no match for rotten cabbage cannonballs! What were they thinking?!
    Always enjoy your levity, Keith.

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  2. Suzette Benjamin Aug 4, 2022 / 00:23

    Fun! This really made me smile. And, just for a minute…you had me almost thinking it was going to be a different kind of battle. Well done!πŸ…

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  3. messymimi's meanderings Aug 4, 2022 / 01:04

    Food fight! Words the janitor doesn’t like to hear, but if it’s outdoors and the losers do the cleaning, that’s a different matter.

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  4. Christine Goodnough Aug 4, 2022 / 03:55

    Quite the battle — count me out, though. Still that was quite the tale! And WP even let me Like it! (I’m having the same issue with several blogs I follow.)

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    • Keith's Ramblings Aug 4, 2022 / 12:30

      Oh. come on, join in, I promise to attack you with cream cakes!

      Glad we are making progress. Btw, clicking on your name takes me to your gravatar, not your blog!


      • Christine Goodnough Aug 4, 2022 / 15:09

        I see what you mean — and my gravatar doesn’t even list my blog! I had to log in to “Like” your comment — and it didn’t work anyway. Now I have to log in again to leave this comment. Some issue about my e-mail versus username Frrrustrations!

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  5. clark Aug 4, 2022 / 13:08

    (for the hypo-youthful among us, John Belushi “Food Fight!!!”)
    fun Six, Keith

    Like some of the others, knew of them, was never on the front lines for an actual battle.

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  6. Frank Hubeny Aug 4, 2022 / 15:24

    They were at least organized enough to force the losing side to clean up the mess.

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  7. Patricia Aug 4, 2022 / 16:57

    I have never been in a food fight. The punishment of the clean-up would take away some of the fun.

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  8. Ade-Oluwa Aug 5, 2022 / 14:03

    Boys! Why can’t they just have a fluffy pillow fight in peace?πŸ™ƒ

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  9. jenne49 Aug 5, 2022 / 23:15

    As you say, Keith, boys will be boys! Nicely set up misdirection and a really fun story.


  10. Bernadette Braganza Aug 6, 2022 / 10:11

    Have never been in a food fight, but I guess the lesson here is to pick your arsenal correctly. πŸ€”


  11. Liz H Aug 8, 2022 / 16:40

    Food Fight fun…until you get caught. But totally worth it!


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