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  1. hilarymb May 24, 2022 / 12:32

    Hi Keith – I didn’t get down there … can’t say I’m that enthusiastic about them … but I did enjoy driving one or two back in the say. Great photos – fun to see – cheers Hilary

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  2. stevebethere May 24, 2022 / 12:41

    What fab phoyos and closeups love the nostalga too 🚗

    Have a revtastic week 👍

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    • Keith's Ramblings May 24, 2022 / 16:27

      It dates to admit I had quite a few of those when they were new, my favourite was probably my Sunbeam Alpine in the same colour as the one I snapped, British Racing Green!


  3. Lydia C. Lee May 24, 2022 / 22:20

    At Singapore F1 they get all the vintage cars in Singapore and put them on display (they’re part of a car enthusiast club). Everyone loves seeing them in the breaks….

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  4. Sandee May 24, 2022 / 23:34

    I would have loved to see this car show in person. Wow. Okay, I wouldn’t mind having the money that were put into these cars.

    Thank you for hosting the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday and rest of the week, Keith. 🙂


  5. Jackie's Photo Blog May 25, 2022 / 11:41

    Wonderful photos of those classic cars. The Alpine brings back memories from when we were first married. The farm belonged to my in laws and they had a caravan they let out to someone. He was around our age and we got on well. He went out and bought an Alpine which didn’t sound very healthy. He wanted to take us for a drive which was fine going down the road, but then he had to go up a steep hill (think Porlock Hill but without as many hairpins). The car went slower and slower and we ended up trying to push him up the hill. It did go better after we had got out though!!

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    • Keith's Ramblings May 26, 2022 / 16:34

      Not good at the time but I bet you’ve laughed about it since! I too had an Alpine the same colour as the one in the picture. We took it on a camping trip to the small Dutch island of Texel and it broke down. It took days to get the replacement parts – and a mechanic!


  6. My GBGV Life May 25, 2022 / 11:57

    Some beautiful cars there! Mom has been to the Old Timer Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring in Germany a couple times. They have fabulous old cars too.

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  7. Emille May 25, 2022 / 17:41

    We used to live in a neighborhood where there were a few neighbors always tinkering on their “classic.” They also participated in shows and what not. In those years we went with our son to these classic car shows:) Classy captures, Keith. Love the close-ups!

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    • Keith's Ramblings May 26, 2022 / 16:57

      The town in which I live is known as the home of British motor racing, so old cars feature very heavily in the various events throughout the year. I’m really pleased you like them.


      • Emille May 28, 2022 / 04:51

        I like anything that is beautiful (in my eyes of course). Except for the size, I wish the cars nowadays would more look like the ones from the past:)


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