Seventy words

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Empire and the limit,70 words..




2006_01151brewers0001 (1)The pub’s important. Beer’s important. Most important of all? The Landlord…or lady! 

Ruler of their empire. Loud, outgoing, a wicked sense of humour. Expert at puns and risqué jokes! An entertainer, entrepreneur. 

Keep them laughing, they’ll keep drinking! 

Be involved in conversations, appear interested no matter how dull.

No-no’s? Politics, religion.

If the above doesn’t come naturally, they’ll never succeed. You can’t fake personality.

 So, raise your glasses.  The Land…person!


*and yes, that is me in picture!



31 thoughts on “Seventy words

    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 7, 2021 / 15:40

      You have to be so careful with the words you use these politically correct days!


  1. Bill Nov 6, 2021 / 21:09

    Another witty and charming piece, Keith. Well done. Meet you for a pint?

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    • Dale Nov 7, 2021 / 21:44

      May I join? The stories the two of you could tell…

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      • Bill Nov 7, 2021 / 23:34

        It would be such fun. First New York City, then off to Heathrow in search of Keith’s local pubs. I say yes and I’m sure Keith agrees.

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      • Bill Nov 7, 2021 / 23:40

        I think it quite late in Europe. It may take him a while to respond. 🙂

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      • Dale Nov 8, 2021 / 00:06

        Yes I know and that’s okay… I just hope you two guys don’t mind some younger chick hanging around 😉

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      • Bill Nov 8, 2021 / 00:08

        You’d make us look good. Always welcome. 🙂

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      • Dale Nov 8, 2021 / 00:09

        Haha! I’ll be your eye candy! (how presumptuous of me… )

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      • Bill Nov 8, 2021 / 00:35

        Yes (not presumptuous) , but if I were to say that…. one must be mindful of his manners in the presence of a beautiful lady.
        Anyway, we shall be your protectors. Knights protecting the lovely lady from the lecherous drunkards. 🙂 And who does not like candy? 🙂

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      • Dale Nov 8, 2021 / 00:52

        I do not doubt for a moment that you two are gentlemen of the highest order! And you are so sweet.
        What damsel doesn’t appreciate two knights? 🙂
        As for candy, well… I like to think most do 😉

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      • Bill Nov 8, 2021 / 00:55

        🙂 🙂 Not to be a champion of the obvious here, we do think so. And therefore, it is so.

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  2. jenne49 Nov 6, 2021 / 23:20

    You must have been permanently exhausted, appearing interested in everything no matter how dull. Mind you, if your writing is anything to go by, your jokes and puns probably kept everyone happy and prevented them from becoming boring!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 7, 2021 / 15:55

      It was, which is why I had to give up after 10 years. It’s not just a job, it consumes every waking hour of every day, but it was enormous fun and I have some amazing memories.

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      • jenne49 Nov 7, 2021 / 20:41

        …which you share in your writing! 🙂


  3. Sunra Rainz Nov 6, 2021 / 23:58

    Are you a land person, Keith? How interesting! I’ve worked in a bar in the past and politics and religion was always being argued over! That was the exhausting part! I was glad to make cocktails just to escape them. Enjoyed your write 🙂

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  4. hilarymb Nov 7, 2021 / 08:52

    Hi Keith – oy yea … one contented landlord here – so many stories to tell … I bet you were fun to be around – those were the days!! Cheers and all the best – Hilary


    • Keith's Ramblings Nov 7, 2021 / 16:22

      It was especially good as it was a village pub supported by the entire community.

      Sorry to hear about the fire at The Ship Inn in Meads Street. It was a regular haunt of mine when I had a business a few doors down. Hopefully, it’s open again now.


  5. Dale Nov 7, 2021 / 21:49

    Wonderful, Keith! I am positive you were a fantabulous barkeep! And I get it that it is also an exhausting thing!


  6. GHLearner Nov 12, 2021 / 22:27

    Oh this is so much fun, I wish I was there. No politics or religion is wise, but it also means I could never run a bar, I get riled up by these topics too much. And I love the land…person. Words are important.


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