36 thoughts on “It’s picture time!

  1. hilarymb Sep 21, 2021 / 13:43

    Hi Keith – wonderful photos … it’s amazing what grows in shingle, seashore … have you been to Derek Jarman’s cottage at Dungeness? Love the seeing the geology, the sea, the seaweeds … et al – cheers HIlary

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2021 / 13:34

      It is indeed. I’m always amazed by the sea kale, especially when it flowers.I have indeed been to the cottage, Dungeness is a wonderful place to visit as is nearby Rye Harbour nature reserve. Thanks, Hilary.

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  2. stevebethere Sep 21, 2021 / 13:51

    What lovely photos your blog is the nearest I get to the sea heheh, one of my mates lives in Hastings well St Leonards on sea anyway 🙂

    Have a capturetastic week Keith 👍

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2021 / 13:36

      I’ve just walked to Aldi in St Leonards and back home again – I wonder if I saw your mate shopping in there!


  3. Christine Goodnough Sep 21, 2021 / 14:21

    For an artist this is a visual OD. Those rocks! Those wispy clouds! Those plants in that mud! And that last picture blows me away — an impressionist painter’s dream scene. ( Perhaps I should give up painting? I don’t seem to see straight anymore. 😉 )

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2021 / 13:40

      Thank you so much, Christine. I often see artists sitting on the beach at low tide. As you can tell from the drifting sand in the last picture, I nearly got literally blown away, it was so windy! And don’t you DARE give up painting!

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      • Keith's Ramblings Sep 24, 2021 / 13:54

        It’s shallow water and something you have to watch if the tide’s coming in because it deepens rapidly and can leave you stranded.

        Love the picture and left a comment there!


  4. Sandee Sep 22, 2021 / 15:20

    I love the sea. High tide or low tide. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Keith. 🙂

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  5. amandacatsynth Sep 22, 2021 / 17:06

    Such interesting erosion patterns! It’s funny, my WW this week is looking at eroded rock formations on the California coast.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2021 / 14:35

      They do say, great minds think alike! Your WW could easily have been taken on my beach!


  6. Emille Sep 22, 2021 / 17:18

    Your low tide does not need many words:):) It looks like you edited your shots? I really miss the coastline here, since most of my life I’ve lived an hour or less away from it.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2021 / 14:39

      I can’t imagine being landlocked again! I did very little editing, it really wasn’t necessary. Thanks so much, Emille.


      • Emille Sep 23, 2021 / 18:48

        Looking forward to your next wordless (just to put the pressure on, haha), Emille

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  7. Vicki Sep 22, 2021 / 19:27

    Beautiful photos! I love low tide almost as much as I love high tide.

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  8. Jackie's Photo Blog. Sep 22, 2021 / 21:07

    Lovely photos. They make me want to explore the rock pools to see what has been brought in on the tide.
    What are the old wooden stakes in the 7th photo?

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2021 / 15:04

      The pools are alive with small crabs and little fish as well as mussels. The wooden stakes are the remains of an old breakwater. There are lots of complete ones along the beach and they resemble very high wooden walls which travel down into the water. Because the beach is in a bay the waves come ashore at an angle and the breakwaters are there to prevent the shingle from being shifted aside at high tide.


  9. Timmy Tomcat Sep 22, 2021 / 21:36

    Low Tide always has something interesting to share and this place is wonderful Thanks

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