One hundred words …

for Friday Fictioneers.




The river’s beautiful this time of year.  The water, so clear.  Beneath the surface lay golden pebbles.  Glossy green plants reach downstream.  Floating Autumn leaves rush by as a small branch gets caught in overhanging grass.

Look, there’s a frog.  And an inquisitive vole! 

Listen.  The rippling flow is mesmerising; splish, splash … whisper.

Watch.  The dancing ripples twinkle like bursting stars.  Flickering, flashing, glistening.

I see a carp, I spot a perch.  Here a chub, there a minnow.

I say, that looks tasty.  Should I catch it?  Oh no, it’s on a hook!  We fish need to be so careful!



afternoon-sun-on-the-river-210510Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Penny Gadd for the picture.

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63 thoughts on “One hundred words …

  1. GHLearner Sep 2, 2021 / 15:38

    I love it. What a clever fish with a great aesthetic sense. Lovely descriptions and the short sentences tickle the senses.

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  2. draliman Sep 2, 2021 / 17:30

    I’m glad the fish also enjoy the serenity of the river (while keeping an eye out for potential danger!).

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  3. larry trasciatti Sep 3, 2021 / 16:19

    Although the food chain is legitimate and unavoidably necessary, it so doesn’t feel that way when it’s finally your turn

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  4. msjadeli Sep 3, 2021 / 17:58

    Nice twist, Keith. Ah, to be a fish for a day. Love the graphic you did for today’s story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 4, 2021 / 12:33

      It could be interesting! The graphic took far longer to create than the fish’s tale, so I’m pleased you approve!

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  5. Tessa Sep 4, 2021 / 04:30

    Great story! I was thinking it was a fisherman talking. Loved it!

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  6. rochellewisoff Sep 4, 2021 / 11:51

    Dear Keith,

    Well that was a fish tale if I ever read one. 😉 Nicely done.



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  7. Inside the Mind of Isadora Sep 4, 2021 / 16:43

    This is a highly educated fish on safe eating … cute lil tale, Keith.
    I had a smile on my face right after I finished reading. Be safe 😷
    Isadora 😎

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  8. pennygadd51 Sep 4, 2021 / 18:18

    Lovely descriptions and a great twist; you had me properly hooked! And don’t think I didn’t notice your sneaky inclusion of my blog, with your floating Autumn leaves; that made me chuckle!

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  9. oneta hayes Sep 4, 2021 / 18:43

    Your line hooked me. I swallowed it clear to the end. Love it. Fishy, fishy, in the brook; daddy caught him on a hook …. Do you remember than nursery rhyme?

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 6, 2021 / 11:42

      Thanks for reminding me Oneta – it’s going to be swimming in my mind for the rest of the day!


  10. Ain Starlingsson Sep 5, 2021 / 08:33

    Haha! Great ending!

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  11. Dora Sep 5, 2021 / 19:38

    Smart fish to discern what’s fishy! Enjoyed the reverse perspective :>)

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  12. Susi Bocks Sep 6, 2021 / 00:08

    What a lovely twist! Here I thought it was wonderful human observations and it’s actually the fish providing the imagery! Good job, Keith! 🙂

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