Poetic nonsense …

for Friday Fictioneers

I sometimes get asked why I don’t write much poetry – well, you’re about to find out!



Hop out of bed

Leap in the shower

Stick on a suit

Comb my hair.


Coffee too hot

Scald my mouth

Burn my toast

Trip over the cat.


Rush to the station

Squeeze on the train

One hour later

Off again.


Fly to the office

Land at my desk

Work flat out

No time to rest.


Lunchtime at last

Half the day gone

Then back to work

More to be done.


Time to head home

Stand on the train

Pushed and jostled

Always the same.

Open the door

Fling shoes off my feet

Pour a large drink

Collapse in a seat

and …

joskus-ei.regular (1)

2021-06-14-15.32.14Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Β J Hardy Carroll for the picture.

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61 thoughts on “Poetic nonsense …

  1. neilmacdon Jul 14, 2021 / 14:03

    Well, there’s a rhyming scheme to this (part of the time). And mouth goes with cat if you’ve got a lisp.

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  2. rochellewisoff Jul 14, 2021 / 14:20

    Dear Keith,

    Now all you need to do is set it to music. πŸ˜‰ I’m out of breath after reading.



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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 14, 2021 / 15:06

      It’ll make the flight of the bumblebee seem like a dirge! Cheers Rochelle.


      • Sadje Jul 14, 2021 / 16:21

        You definitely are. πŸ‘


  3. Dale Jul 14, 2021 / 15:59

    You,re just looking for compliments. And you shall get them!
    This was great and I am sure it was meant to leave us breathless.
    No way in HELL I would get on that particular rat-race train… this one annoys me enough already!
    Retirement here I come.. Soon. It has to. It better!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 14, 2021 / 16:27

      Okay, so you outfoxed me! I’m beginning to think I should have offered free puffers to my readers. Take early retirement Dale, you won’t regret I!;


  4. Sandee Jul 14, 2021 / 16:04

    That wore me out just reading this. Well done. You’re a wonderful wordsmith and I’ve done just this for many years. Retirement is far better.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Keith. πŸ™‚

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 14, 2021 / 16:11

      That’s so nice of you Sandee, thank you SO much.

      I thought I might be bored when I retired. How wrong I was, I wish I’d jumped off the train further back down the track!

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  5. hilarymb Jul 14, 2021 / 17:27

    Hi Keith – great … such fun – well done … and yes thank goodness no more rat-race trains …

    Take a gander to the Towner to look at the limericks in the Nash exhibition … I’ve got membersip with guest -if you want to get in at some stage …

    Cheers Hilary

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 16, 2021 / 09:35

      That’s so kind of you Hilary, but I’ve already arranged a visit with a friend for when I get back from my up-and-coming camping trip!


    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 16, 2021 / 09:52

      Next time I’ll make it rhyme! All together now, ‘I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got ……’


  6. larry trasciatti Jul 14, 2021 / 19:42

    It’s a microcosm of life…hectic beyond belief, occasionally rhyming. At least he gets to relax at the end of his day

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  7. jenne49 Jul 14, 2021 / 20:20

    Did you know, Keith, that you’d written a poem in dimiter, mainly dactylic dimeter, and with a regular abcb rhyme scheme in slant rhyme? You did? Good! I knew you would! Oh how I’ve been longing for the occasion where I could say something like that! The poetry class I attended has not been in vain! And see, you ARE a poet!
    Loved the poem. It sounds just like the train chugging along. And how glad I am that I’m off that hamster wheel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 16, 2021 / 10:28

      Well, I had no idea, that’s something I’ve learned today! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Cheers, Jenne.


  8. michael1148humphris Jul 14, 2021 / 23:47

    Short and sharp, relax you did well

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  9. granonine Jul 15, 2021 / 00:15

    You write better poetry than i do, for sure! I wonder how your MC’s blood pressure is holding up πŸ™‚

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  10. msjadeli Jul 15, 2021 / 00:41

    Ah the good old days of the rat race. Glad it’s in my rearview. You summed it up nicely.

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  11. Tannille Jul 15, 2021 / 08:16

    Something to be said for working from home. Cats… they always like under the feet.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jul 16, 2021 / 10:56

      Can’t say I’ve ever worked from home so I bow to your superior knowledge! What is it about cats and feet?

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  12. Woman walking Max Jul 16, 2021 / 14:47

    I think your poem succeeds, because I got a reminded of the ‘hampster wheel of work ! And the rest of life is squeezed out. Glad you could relax at the end of the day.

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  13. oneta hayes Jul 16, 2021 / 14:52

    I like this a lot. Fun piece that spurs me through the day with you. How much alike so many people are! But in my rural area, it is cars we hop into.

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  14. pennygadd51 Jul 16, 2021 / 16:28

    A great double take on the prompt; once for the subject, the second for the format. Super stuff, Keith!

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