Sixty one words


for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Absurd and the limit, 61 words.




I’m stuck.


Three down.


This crossword clue. 


Preposterous, six letters.


That’s five.



Got it, insane!

No, it ends with D

Are you sure?

Yes, assuming nine across is right.

I know, stupid!

You calling me stupid?

No, the answer’s stupid! 

Oh! But no.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas.

Grrrr! I give up. This crossword’s absurd.




36 thoughts on “Sixty one words

  1. Ade-Oluwa Apr 3, 2021 / 15:02

    That was quite amusing.😄

    Thanks for the amusing banter between two “absurd” people.

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  2. Christine Goodnough Apr 3, 2021 / 15:08

    A crossword enthusiast (addict, buff, devotee, fan, fancier, habitue, maven, nut) needs a good Thesaurus by his side. 😉

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  3. ahtdoucette Apr 3, 2021 / 17:56

    LOL. As with many of your pieces, this is absurd! And I mean that in the very best way.

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  4. davidatqcm Apr 4, 2021 / 00:33

    Clues for solving weekend writing prompt crossword

    4 across – small cheeky person
    8 across – between teeth
    10 across – in short supply

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  5. rochellewisoff Apr 4, 2021 / 13:49

    Dear Keith,

    My mother used to work crossword puzzles all the time. I’m not very good at them. Love your dialogue and your graphic. 😀



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    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 4, 2021 / 14:20

      Thanks so much Rochelle. I’m ok with general knowledge ones but haven’t a clue when it comes to cryptic clues!


  6. Dale Apr 4, 2021 / 16:07

    I totally suck at crossword puzzles, to be honest. Unless they are really, REALLY simple 😉
    Love this! You do make me laugh, Keith.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Apr 4, 2021 / 18:02

      My Crossword Solver app and I have a go at the one in my newspaper every morning . We finished one once! Thanks for laughing with me Dale!

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