One hundred words …

For Friday Fictioneers


I love sitting here. You are sheltering me from the spring rain today. 

In summer, you shade me from the sun. I brought friends here for a picnic last year, remember? 

As a kid, I climbed you. I fell once and broke my arm, didn’t I?

In autumn, you’ll roll out a golden carpet and in winter you’ll stand naked and proud you old show off! 

My first love and I carved our initials in your bark. Look, they’re still there!

You were there for those before me; you’ll be there for those that follow.

But today it’s me you shelter.

liz-young-5Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Liz Young for the photo.

Prod Froggie to join in the fun.


72 thoughts on “One hundred words …

  1. Bear Mar 17, 2021 / 14:10

    That was an outright joy to read, and so very true!

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  2. granonine Mar 17, 2021 / 15:52

    Your story reminded me of “my” tree in our yard when I was in high school. Shelter, shade, sympathy, privacy. MY tree!

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  3. ceayr Mar 17, 2021 / 16:14

    And it’ll provide great firewood when required!
    Sensitively done, old fruit

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 18, 2021 / 14:55

      There are more of than we think I’m sure Liz! Thanks for the inspirational photo.


  4. msjadeli Mar 17, 2021 / 18:30

    I’m not surprised you’re a tree hugger. Trees are our kin and give us life ❤

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  5. plaridel Mar 17, 2021 / 19:09

    sounds like a great tree. hopefully, it would survive for a long time compared to the others cut in the name of progress.

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  6. Dora Mar 17, 2021 / 20:20

    This really grabbed me, Keith. So wonderful. How many times an old tree has felt like an old friend that’s shared many a good memory!

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  7. rochellewisoff Mar 17, 2021 / 21:28

    Dear Keith,

    What a delightful tree-hugging tale. Love the tree frog as well.



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  8. Tannille Mar 18, 2021 / 04:58

    What an awesome relationship with the tree. May it never be chopped down.

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  9. draliman Mar 18, 2021 / 13:49

    Trees live so long they can be our friends in different ways all through our life 🙂

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  10. Dale Mar 18, 2021 / 20:25

    That was lovely, Keith! You are becoming the real softie 😉

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  11. pennygadd51 Mar 18, 2021 / 22:50

    That’s a delightful take on the prompt! I love the way you list the things for which you are grateful to the tree.

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  12. Brenda's Thoughts Mar 18, 2021 / 23:52

    What a lovely story. It’s very poetic and reminded me of the apple tree in my grandmother’s back yard as I grew up. I cried when they had to chop it down. So many memories.

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  13. Michael Humphris Mar 19, 2021 / 11:01

    On those recently rare hot summer days, I am always amazed by the cooling effect given from the shade of trees, sadly humanity just does not value them enough

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  14. GHLearner Mar 19, 2021 / 14:00

    A true tree of life. What a beautiful story this is.

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  15. James McEwan Mar 20, 2021 / 08:25

    Yes, a lovely story. It reminds me of my childhood and how I would bring the world around me into my imagination.

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  16. larry trasciatti Mar 21, 2021 / 18:36

    Nice…your tree is your friend, and having nowhere else to go, can be friend to generations yet to come~

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 24, 2021 / 16:57

      Neel, thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it.


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