A flash of fiction …

for the Ragtag Daily Prompt where the given word is Wow!


What a dull job. Boring boring boring. I sit in a soulless office performing mind-numbing chores like filing bits of paper in grey boxes. My colleagues think I’m miserable. I seldom smile. Or do I? Little do they know that come nightfall I swap clerking for twerking!

Right, off with my bathrobe and slippers and on with my slinky dress and my highest heels. How do I look? Lipstick not too bright?  And how do you like coffered locks? Another wisp of hairspray I think so they stay in place. I wonder what my workmates would say if they saw me now? With a swing of my hips, I’m on my way!

And here we are, my favourite club. The noise, the lights, the people… wow!  Oh look, there’s handsome Harry from work chatting up sex-pot Sally from accounts. They called me dreary the other day. I wonder what they’ll make of me now. Move over girl, I’m on my way!

Actually, I need to pop to the loo first. I must remember to go to the ladies room, not the men’s!

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