A short story …

for the Ragtag Daily Prompt where the given word is Unperturbed. Today it’s hosted by Christine.



Nothing seems to worry him.  His wife left him a few days ago. ‘You’re such a bore’ she said.

‘Probably right’ said he as she walked off with her bags, ‘bye’.

When the doctor told him he wasn’t too well, he just shrugged his shoulders and carried on unperturbed. 

His faithful dog died. It happens. Someone damaged his car. That happens too.  His house was burgled. Never mind, it’s insured.

Nothing excites him either. Birthdays? Just numbers. Visitors? He makes polite conversation but nothing more.

He plays the Lottery. Doesn’t expect to win, but his ten pounds a week goes to a good cause. Last Saturday at eight o’clock he turned on the television and glanced up from his book to check his numbers.

And he won. A big win. A very big win!

‘That’s nice’ he muttered as he switched off the TV and carried on reading where he’d left off.


32 thoughts on “A short story …

  1. Christine Goodnough Sep 27, 2020 / 14:46

    A fine example of “unperturbed”! At least he won’t go out and blow his big win in the first year.And he wife will probably come back. 😉 Thanks for contributing your tale.

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  2. hilarymb Sep 27, 2020 / 16:25

    Hi Keith – that’s a good one … he’ll wake up soon! And then have something to worry about …

    wonderful story llne though … take care – Hilary

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  3. sgeoil Sep 27, 2020 / 16:29

    Ha ha! Pretty mellow fellow…wonder when the shoe will drop??

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  4. Shweta Suresh Sep 27, 2020 / 19:30

    Oh my God! Did he hit his head somewhere? Was he the subject of a science experiment or a clinic trial for behaviour modification! 😂

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  5. Ron. Sep 27, 2020 / 21:14

    Great Write indeed, Keith. You nailed this personality type. My hat is off.

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  6. Keith's Ramblings Sep 28, 2020 / 16:04

    That sums him up rather well. Me? I’d say I was more of a quintessentially demonstrative Englishman!🤪

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    • Christine Goodnough Sep 28, 2020 / 18:41

      Well, yes. You’re a writer, eh. 😉
      I read an account from WWII when commuters into London had to wait in their car whilst a bomb disposal squad worked. A bomb had landed right on the train track and hadn’t exploded on impact. After some anxious minutes, one passenger finally lost it and started shouting, “We’re all going to be blown to bits!”
      Another passenger stopped reading his morning paper long enough to calmly inform the ranter, “If you insist on carrying on like this, we shall have you put off at the next stop.” “Stiff upper lip” and all that. 😉

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      • Keith's Ramblings Sep 29, 2020 / 09:49

        Oh, that’s wonderful! I wonder if he was my chap’s father! Thanks so much for that Christine.

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  7. James McEwan Oct 1, 2020 / 19:54

    He juste needed time to digest the idea that he had won. After all his bad luck he might think it wasn’t right and he had been dreaming. Then again, what was he reading?

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