A tale from days of yore

for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt.



On the crispest Winter’s dawn or the balmiest Summer’s noon, a veil of mist hovers over the rocks that watch over the town of Hamelsham.  Some say it’s but a peculiarity of nature whilst others envisage something more sinister.

Few visit there for it’s told that those that do suffer terrible nightmares as a consequence.  Some it’s said, have never returned.

On the fourth day of June in the Year 1720, a masked rider galloped into the market square scattering the townsfolk and dropping to the ground a parchment scroll.   It warned of an imminent attack by a township to the east which intended taking control of Hamelsham and it’s renowned cotton mill.   Quite who he was or why he delivered the warning remains a mystery to this day.

Without delay, the town’s men took up a position shielded by the rocks and awaited their foe.

What followed was a battle in which Hamelsham remained unharmed.  However, each and every member of the opposing force was either slaughtered then and there or died later from their wounds.

Today a statue of the masked horseman stands in the market square.

Some say it’s the ghosts of those that perished one sees surrounding the rocks;  that one day they’ll reincarnate and attempt to fulfil their dastardly mission thereby capturing the town of Hamelsham, its inhabitants and the cotton mill.







20 thoughts on “A tale from days of yore

  1. inkdropk Jun 5, 2020 / 14:24

    Nicely composed Keith….thing is – is the truth stranger than the fiction ??? 🙂

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