26 thoughts on “Fifteen photos …

  1. hilarymb Mar 17, 2020 / 14:31

    Hi Keith – yes thanks for bringing Rome to us … I’d love to spend more time there … take care and cheers Hilary

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  2. Debbie D. Mar 17, 2020 / 15:43

    Grazie! Always a pleasure to see Rome again. 🙂 My husband has family there, and we have been a few times, hoping for a few more in the future. Cheers!


  3. stevebethere Mar 17, 2020 / 18:06

    What fab photos I feel like I have just visited Rome myself I have never been 😦

    Have a cornettotastic week Keith 🙂

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  4. Lydia C. Lee Mar 17, 2020 / 19:49

    Really lovely shots – so terrible what’s happening there!! Quite scary that we’ve chosen not to learn from them.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 18, 2020 / 17:48

      Absolutely. And I can’t imagine my neighbours singing loudly from their balconies in the way the Italians are.


  5. catscue Mar 18, 2020 / 17:26

    What a beautiful city, thanks for taking me back there!

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  6. csuhpat1 Mar 18, 2020 / 17:36

    That is so very beautiful. Lovely. Thanks for sharing these photos.

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  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn Mar 18, 2020 / 22:23

    Beautiful photos of a lovely city. I do hope we can get back to visit again.

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  8. Natasha Mar 19, 2020 / 06:58

    I just died and went to heaven. Never been to Rome and I wouldn’t mind a bt if you had shared more pictures, Kieth. Your photography skills are outstanding!

    How are things in your neck of woods? Hope you are taking care and staying safe. God speed!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 19, 2020 / 12:50

      I couldn’t ask for a nicer comment than that, thank you so much. It helps that Rome is so photogenic! All fine here thanks, trust you and yours are ok too.

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  9. Narayana Rao Kvss Mar 22, 2020 / 00:25

    I would also say the same thing. “What fab photos.” Really magnificent.

    Benefit of A to Z Blogging challenge.

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  10. Esha Mar 24, 2020 / 18:56

    Beautiful photos, Keith. So glad to see your collection of photos here, especially since I’ve never been to Rome!

    This reminds me of how deeply saddened I am, to see what’s going on in Italy! It is heartbreaking to see how quickly the nations are coming down on their knees!
    Praying for life to be back to normal soon. Thank you for joining us this week, Keith

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  11. Coliseum Summit Apr 14, 2020 / 14:51

    Such a wonderful and magical place! Thank you for sharing these pics. It brings back beautiful memories. I hope to be back in Rome when everything’s normal again.

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