A short story …

For Friday Fictioneers.



Though I say it myself, I’m a brilliant cook.  No recipe books for me, delicious concoctions come naturally.

I visited the market this morning. It was just closing so there wasn’t much left. No problem though, I can create mouth-watering dishes from pretty well anything.

I got a plump melon, this stinky garlic, those eye-watering onions, some of that asparagus that makes your wee smell, and this, whatever it is.  Oh, and these.  Not sure what they are either.

And we’re off! 

Cut this, chop that, blend those, sizzle, boil, bubble, mix, mash and serve.   Yea!

OMG!  That is simply … 




img_20190807_112118Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Roger Bultot for the picture.






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71 thoughts on “A short story …

  1. Iain Kelly Mar 4, 2020 / 13:40

    The story of my cooking endeavours there, which is why I find it best to leave it to others! 🙂

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  2. Denise Mar 4, 2020 / 13:45

    That reminds me of a high school dance where a bunch of guys were manning the drinks station. They were mixing all the soda flavors together to see what they could come up with. Garbage.

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  3. Christine Goodnough Mar 4, 2020 / 13:50

    Ran out of words? Or no words can describe it? At any rate, a luscious tale.
    I suspect your guests better run out, too, when you’re in the kitchen. 😉

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  4. Anita Mar 4, 2020 / 15:30

    They didn’t gel together! 🙂
    Concoctions and such experiments are fine as long as the results are palatable!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 5, 2020 / 08:44

      Chefs do come up with some very odd combinations of ingredients – I should know as I used to be one!


  5. ceayr Mar 4, 2020 / 17:30

    Unknown ingredients, hmm, not a great idea!
    Fun story, Keith

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  6. Na'ama Yehuda Mar 4, 2020 / 18:19

    Froggie can come over for dinner (not so disgusting) as long as he promises to behave … 😉

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  7. Brenda's Thoughts Mar 4, 2020 / 23:07

    Well, like I always say, it was worth a try! A bit of this and a bit of that and you never know what you’re going to get. Often, my end result is … disgusting … as well. Fun story as always, Keith!

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    • Keith's Ramblings Mar 5, 2020 / 08:55

      The most unlikely blend of bits sometimes come up with fabulous food – not often though! Thanks, Brenda.

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  8. Mike Mar 5, 2020 / 00:21

    Such a shame, great dicing and chopping all for nout, as they say but a lovely kick in the pants at the end.

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  9. messymimi's meanderings Mar 5, 2020 / 01:59

    The best and worst recipes start that way, don’t they. Problem is, you aren’t sure ahead which one it will be when you start.

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  10. rochellewisoff Mar 5, 2020 / 13:04

    Dear Keith,

    Some days the magic works and some days it doesn’t. 😉 This sounds like my method of cooking. Bon apetit.



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  11. draliman Mar 5, 2020 / 15:50

    Well, to be fair, he didn’t have a lot to work with 🙂 Onion and garlic mash with a melon base…

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  12. James McEwan Mar 6, 2020 / 10:06

    Great stuff. Clearly you have the same inflated belief as a cook as my sister. Do you know her?

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  13. Woman walking Max Mar 6, 2020 / 16:06

    Very droll tale — made me smile. Brought back memories of making a vegetable pie in Domestic Science. As the filling looked like sick I disposed of it in the school toilets !!

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  14. Nobbinmaug Mar 6, 2020 / 19:48

    Fun. Keep experimenting. Eventually, you’ll stumble on something delicious. If your taste buds survive.

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  15. michaelwynnauthor Mar 7, 2020 / 10:08

    This made me laugh Keith. There’s optimism and then there’s optimism. I’ve got to be honest, it doesn’t sound very appetizing or as my daughter would have said when going through one of her phases, “‘sgusting!”

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  16. Arisha Jana Apr 14, 2020 / 10:51

    I just started blogging. Loved reading such good stuff!


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