A short story …

for Sunday Photo Fiction




I once worked aboard that ferry. I ran the snack bar.  It wasn’t so much the job I enjoyed, it was meeting the people.  Most were going to the island for a holiday. 

I remember the time a tiny hand popped up clutching a plastic bucket and spade.  I bent forward and peered over the counter to see an excited little boy.  ‘I’m going to build sandcastles mister’ he said!

But that wasn’t the main reason I recall that day. 

As I watched as the passengers climb from their cars, I played my usual game with myself;  she’ll ask for an espresso, he’ll want a coke! 

One car just about made it onboard it in time.  It was blue.  A Ford I think.

Soon I was busy serving.  A girl asked me for a glass of water.  She looked agitated.  She took it away then sat with her head in her hands.  I didn’t think any more of it.

When the familiar ‘ding-dong return to your vehicles’ message rang out, off everybody went.  I was clearing my tables when I found that glass of water.  And some keys.  A bag too.

Just one car remained onboard.  It was blue.  A Ford I think.




artur-shipwreckThanks to Donna for hosting. The photo is by Artur Malishkevych


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