One hundred and eight words…

for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Devour



A moving stairway carries me down.  I’m in a tunnel.  To my left, right, behind me and before, a silent hoard stands motionless, like discarded statues.

A rush of wind ruffles my hair.  A rumble becomes a roar.  A massive silver snake rattles to a halt.  Doors hiss open, like gaping mouths.  A surging mass escapes, buffeting me in its frantic bid for freedom.

I am carried forward by a throng, about to be devoured.  We are crammed, like sardines in a can.  A jerk.  I grip a post.  We sway as one.  Nobody speaks.

‘We are approaching Angel’ shrieks a robotic voice.

I’m released.

Free at last.








19 thoughts on “One hundred and eight words…

  1. rochellewisoff Jan 11, 2020 / 17:28

    Dear Keith,

    Funny, I was just watching Star Trek TNG about Captain Picard’s unprecedented relationship with a “metamorph”.



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  2. Dale Jan 12, 2020 / 04:17

    And this is why I avoid the subway… Well done, Keith!

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  3. Lynn Love Jan 12, 2020 / 16:44

    Ah, the joys of the Underground. A place that is at once windy and stifling, overcrowded and isolating. And yet, it’s so damn useful! Well described, Keith – you clearly have fond memories ;).
    I recently wrote a story about the London Underground and learned that it has its own distinct subspecies of mosquito – isn’t that a delightful thought?

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jan 12, 2020 / 16:54

      Delightful is not the first word that comes to mind! As for the tube, love it or hate it, I can’t imagine being without it!


      • Lynn Love Jan 12, 2020 / 16:58

        It really is the circulatory system of the city. So quick, even if it is too busy, smells funny and develops its own species of blood sucker 🙂

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  4. hilarymb Jan 14, 2020 / 15:55

    Hi Keith – that’s why I usually went by bus when I was living in town, now I do use the Underground – but am wary about getting on a full train – I’ll wait for the next one – this is a great short story about phobia … cheers Hilary

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    • Keith's Ramblings Jan 16, 2020 / 12:53

      I use the London buses quite a bit because I can use my free bus pass. It can be a bit slow though! Thanks Hilary.

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