All at sea…

for Sunday Photo Fiction




Doug the Tug was bored. He was bored most days.  He led a shallow life either tied to a pillar in the harbour or venturing out a little way to pull a ship home.  He envied vessels that travelled in deep waters, frolicking with waves and racing dolphins; luxury liners and their exotic locations, cargo ships piled high with containers.  And tankers, or cross-channel ferry even. Trawlers had more fun than him, their decks being tickled by wriggling fish. 

One day he was woken from his dreams by a tap on his bow.  It was his friend Mary the Mermaid.

‘Doug, there’s a beautiful yacht stranded offshore with a broken mast. Larry the Lifeboat’s busy so I said you’d help. Please come’.

Doug didn’t need much persuading!

Charlotte the Yacht was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.  It was love at first sight. but she was used to sailing with the elite craft, not a scruffy working-class tug like Doug. But he needn’t have worried, she was captivated by his smile and in no time he was heaving her home.

Nowadays, when Charlotte’s not at sea they bob up and down together on the quayside remembering the day they tied the knot!







Thanks to Donna for hosting, and providing the photo.

25 thoughts on “All at sea…

  1. Iain Kelly Jan 5, 2020 / 15:26

    This feels like a Children’s TV programme or series of books waiting to be written. Happy New Year Keith, hope you had a good one and all the best for 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

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