200 words…

for Sunday Photo Fiction


Everyone said he married her for her money. Patrick naturally denied it. They appeared happy. Not demonstrably so, but they did all the things married couples do. No children though. A shame really, because he was great with kids. Susanna disliked being around them; she once called mine noisy brats. I’ll never forget that.

Of late, we sensed something wasn’t right. He looked dejected; disinterested in everything that went on around him. Not Susanna thought.  She was her usual raucous self, dominating everything she was involved in. But Patrick just sat there. If he said anything she’d stare at him.

We were invited round for drinks on New Year’s Eve. Apparently, It was Partick’s idea. Guess he’d put his foot down. He’d had more than enough of being controlled.  Surprisingly it was a really festive occasion. I’d not seen him as upbeat for years. For once Susanna took a back seat.

As the clock signalled midnight, Patrick proposed a toast. Holding aloft his glass. he said the New Year was one to look forward and forever remember.

One thing I’ll always remember was Susanna taking a sip of Martini, clutching her throat then collapsing in a heap on the floor.download

My Friend Rosey has also taken up the challenge this week. You can view her effort HERE!


file00056133704Wishing our host Donna a very Happy New Year.



Photo by jfelias @ Morguefile


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