A few sentences…

for Sunday Photo Fiction




Even as a tadpole, he knew he was different, always swimming the opposite way from his tadlings.  When he grew up, Freddie the frog had few friends. 

A fortnight ago, Friday the fifth I fink it was, he was out for hop and came upon the most beautiful toadess, sitting soaking up the summer sunshine.  They glanced at each other.

 “I’m Freddie,” he said, though it was more of a croak than a ribbet – like he had a frog in his throat! (sorry about that!)

“Why hello handsome” squeaked Talula.

*Incidentally, relationships between frogs and toads are fast becoming accepted.  Years ago it was frowned upon, banned even.  But today, ‘croaking out’ is quite commonplace.

Where was I? Oh yes. Talula tiptoed towards Freddie who flung himself forward, falling at her feet. What a lovely couple they made. Okay, Talula was a tad taller and he was somewhat slimier, but that wouldn’t stand in their way.

Since then, Talula and Freddie have been meeting Fridays and Tuesdays.  

Yesterday Freddie asked Talula for her paw in marriage so she took him to seek her parent’s permission.  Freddie wondered how they’d react; he feared being frogmarched off the farm!

He needn’t have worried. He was accepted with open legs!








Thanks to Donna for hosting, The picture is by Betty Webb



13 thoughts on “A few sentences…

  1. Natasha Dec 11, 2019 / 23:19

    Oh my gosh! You took me back to ” a froggie would-a wooing go, hmmmm-hmmmm…whether his mother would let him or no.”
    Brought back my kindergarten days in New Castle days.:-)))))

    Wonder what Froggie would do if he were to meet Freddie M? Change his mind, ahem! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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