A shortish story …

For Sunday Photo Fiction




Jolly Polly, Smooth Sam, and Ditsy Mitsy were relaxing at Posh Pete’s place. His sudden suggestion of a mini-cruise on his bateau was received with considerable glee so armed with copious quantities of wine and nibbly-bits they headed for the water. 

Pete piped them all aboard, except Mitsy who clambered onto an adjacent blow-up flamingo whilst holding aloft a crystal glass of Chateau de’Plonke ‘98. 

“Mitsy darling, I’d rather you didn’t” pleaded Pete.  But his request went unheeded as she stood triumphantly though somewhat unsteadily upon the wobbling inflatable. They heard a muffled pop and gurgling.  Polly spotted the problem,  one of Mitsy’s Jimmy Choo stilettos had pierced the flamingo’s pink plastic plumage. 

“Mitsy sweetheart, you really should have removed them, they’ll be ruined,” she said as the flamingo mournfully lowered its head. 

After a titanic rescue mission they got her ashore.  “My kiddy-winks will be heartbroken” spluttered Pete.

“I’ve an idea,” said Mitsy.  “Where’s my emergency kit?”

She produced a bag and rummaged through aspirins, a sewing kit, miniature vodkas, a spanner, a whistle and … Elastoplast! 

“I’ll seal the hole, Sam can blow into its beak and….”

They all shook their heads.

Eventually, they set sail. Minutes downstream Mitsy shouted, “I’ve an idea!”

“No” they shouted in unison.




Thanks to Donna for hosting. The picture is by P Allman.


17 thoughts on “A shortish story …

  1. Graham Lawrence Sep 30, 2019 / 13:31

    Still smiling. Lovely choice of words!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. angietrafford Sep 30, 2019 / 13:43

    Lovett, what a glorious piece of writing! We all have friends who have nothing but bad ideas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jules Oct 1, 2019 / 21:34

    Methinks stilettos and being wobbly are things that don’t mix well…
    Sounds like Pete will be able to pamper his kiddy-winks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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