A short story….

for Friday Fictioneers




Just look at the sky.  So blue.  The sun’s playing hide-and-seek with fluffy white clouds. See?

Yesterday it was grey.  Just… grey.  Raindrops bounced off the glass.  Pitter-patter, pitter…patter. 

When it snows, I don’t see the sky.  Just a sparkly white blanket.  A freezing cold blanket.  Not like this nice one. Brrr.

Sometimes I see pigeons. Look, there’s one now.  A butterfly sat up there this morning, wings outstretched.  It was beautiful. So…beautiful.

I’d love to go outside.  But I can’t.  Not on my own.  My friend’s coming tomorrow….I hope.  She’ll take me out.  If the sky’s blue.  Like now.



Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to J Hardy Carroll for the picture.

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62 thoughts on “A short story….

  1. oneta hayes Sep 18, 2019 / 18:01

    Very nice, Keith. I’ve built all kinds of pictures in my head from your words.

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  2. rochellewisoff Sep 18, 2019 / 19:05

    Dear Keith,

    The reveal that the MC couldn’t go outside by himself made me sad. Yet his outlook doesn’t welcome pity, does it? Nicely done.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 19, 2019 / 09:33

      That’s exactly how I hoped it would come across. Thanks so much Rochelle.


  3. bearmkwa Sep 18, 2019 / 20:36

    So much said and unsaid here. Great POV for this write!

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  4. Iain Kelly Sep 18, 2019 / 21:36

    A very touching vignette Keith, superbly done.


  5. 4963andypop Sep 19, 2019 / 00:29

    Makes me wonder if the confinement is self-imposed. Sickness or another type of immobility due to old age or frailty, or agoraphobia?

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  6. patriciaruthsusan Sep 19, 2019 / 11:41

    A story with beautiful descriptions, Keith. I’m mostly housebound these days but the weather here is either cloudy, sunny, or rainy. I miss the Spring and Fall. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 19, 2019 / 13:36

      As a lover of the outdoors, I cannot imagine what being housebound is really like. Thanks for dropping by Suzanne.


  7. Colline Sep 19, 2019 / 11:56

    How frustrating to be trapped inside when being outside calls. Hope her friend does visit!

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  8. draliman Sep 19, 2019 / 12:25

    To be so close and see it, but feel unable to experience it. Nice one!

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  9. Dale Sep 19, 2019 / 14:53

    It feels like a child or a very old person – I love their attitude of enjoying observing what happens above while hoping they will be taken out. Feels wistful.

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  10. plaridel Sep 19, 2019 / 17:11

    i wonder why he can’t go out by himself? what’s holding him up?

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  11. msjadeli Sep 19, 2019 / 19:24

    I love the artwork with the froggie that you did. Your story is a tender one that says enough to draw the reader in, but leaves spaces to fill in the rest of the story. Nice work!

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  12. Laurie Bell Sep 19, 2019 / 21:38

    Oh there is a kick at the end of this. Well told. Longing and a hint of despair but with hope too

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  13. Natasha Sep 20, 2019 / 03:59

    Even though confined, your protagonist seem to be so very replete with hope, Keith.

    I like the optimism of this poignant tale.
    Nicely done indeed.

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  14. Tessa Sep 20, 2019 / 05:14

    I did read this first time through the list. Lovely tale!

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  15. Abhijit Ray Sep 20, 2019 / 08:55

    Terrible feeling to see the world through a skylight and not able to enjoy it fully. Hope your friend comes and takes you outside.

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    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 20, 2019 / 09:56

      At least he has a skylight, but it’s not a situation I’d like to find myself in.


  16. Fatima Fakier Sep 20, 2019 / 09:43

    His attitude is so hopeful despite his longing and confinement. I mean his friend’s visit is not even guaranteed, but he still appreciates what he can.

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  17. granonine Sep 20, 2019 / 19:37

    You drew me right in. Total sympathy for the poor guy who is apparently unable to move. You did a great job of showing us his world through the skylight.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Nobbinmaug Sep 21, 2019 / 01:55

    Whatever the reason, this is a well-constructed, melancholic portrait. Nicely done!

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  19. Tannille Sep 21, 2019 / 04:36

    It’s the little things people miss if they are taken away. These things like fresh air are taken for granted.

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  20. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Sep 22, 2019 / 20:38

    This tale does represent so well people in a sad state… I can just imagine a world when all you can see is the sky.


    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2019 / 10:22

      I can’t imagine living in a room where the only window looks upwards not outwards. Thanks so much, Bjorn


  21. Natasha Sep 23, 2019 / 08:34

    Poignant! I love how you’ve captured his/her cheery optimism despite being relegated to a room. I hope the sun shines on them and they get to go out tomorrow.

    How often we take our freedom for granted and the blessings of the universe.

    Lovely one, Keith.
    Have a Mary Monday!


    • Keith's Ramblings Sep 23, 2019 / 10:20

      It’s shining here right now so hopefully, it is for my narrator. Thanks so much for posting my tale on your Facebook page Natasha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Natasha Sep 24, 2019 / 03:53

        A pleasure.😊

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